Pallette signs for over slot value

Which leaves one drafted Hog unsigned: Cayden Wallace. And the deadline to sign is Monday.

I really don’t think he’s coming back, but it’s getting down to brass tacks.

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Has Bosnic signed? He’d be a coup

Not that I can find. He’s still out there too.

Cayden’s only a soph; real leverage


Have we heard how Pallette is actually progressing? I assume he’s throwing the ball and looking pretty good to be getting 1.5 mill

It is said to be 50/50 whether he signs or not. He turned down 3rd day money last year

The pros covet that 3500 rpm spin rate.

Yeah I knew that was the pitch that they were most impressed with just haven’t really heard how he was actually doing.

I have heard that if a kid has already had TJ surgery, the teams prefer to have their people supervising the rehab. Which applies to Pallette.

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