Pallette injured and lost for season -- Kendall Rogers



That’s a gut punch for sure

Dang. Hate if for the kid, and us.


All the best to Pallette. Prayers for a successful surgery and rehab.

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Hate this for Peyton! I’m sure he was looking forward to the upcoming season after his injury last year.
Praying for a speedy, and successful recovery for Peyton.


Huge blow for the team and Pallette. Has to be comparable to the football team losing KJ or the basketball team losing Williams. It looks like the baseball team has better depth at the position, but still a big loss.

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This must have just happened… Because we had heard he was throwing the ball incredibly well… Huge blow to the team and I hope he can get it corrected and have a great career… gut punch!! Always some kind of crap we have to overcome…

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Terrible news! Praying for a successful surgery and recovery. There’s way too many of these type of injuries happening to pitchers!

D1 article on the loss, from Kendall:

Can’t read much of the article without subscribing to D1 baseball.
Can you elaborate?


Thank you for always being so good about embedding tweets correctly for me when I make a post with one. One of these days I will hopefully learn how to do it correctly.

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and even worse for him since he had ascended to top of MLB draft which will now be reconsidered. From all that I heard of folks close and capable of getting the real info, it was clear that he was the bonafide #1. Next man up happens often but this is one of those with lingering doubts.

It’s hard for Arkansas to keep nice things…

Most teams deal with injuries, including to star players. Imagine what Ole Miss might have done last season had Tim Elko and Gunnar Hoglund stayed healthy.

What set apart Arkansas last year was that it didn’t seem to have an injury to a key player until late in the year.

Wiggins has that potential, just has to get some movement on his fastball, develop a couple of really good off speed pitches that he can control and locate and he will be a first-round draft choice… you can’t teach 99 you just have to learn to locate it.

I think you will see him mix his pitches up better this yr.I don’t think you will see him start everybody off with a fastball because they should have proved to him last year they’re looking for that

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