Pallette and Bolden

I do not think Dave Van Horn will admit this but I have the feeling he wanted Pallette and Bolden to pitch against Texas. Of course, Monke is going to be good, too.

The schedule is funny next week. Games start on Thursday. Will Pallette move to Saturday? I like him a lot.

Tech is prob better than Texas but I think DVH still likes to beat Texas.


I sure LOVE beating Texass…

I shall sleep good.


They both looked very good. It was a much cleaner game tonight. It’s always a good day when the Hogs beat the Horns!


Always. It is so sweet. I watched most of it via our Prime/Prime Gaming/Twitch. It was like a great recipe that, sadly, I don’t know exactly how I did it.

I will always enjoy beating Texas! I equally enjoy hearing of Texas getting beat by anyone they play in any sport
Paulette and Bolden did a fine job.
Monk in the middle worked out well. DVH wasn’t going to let Texas wiggle out of the whipping.

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Pallette :slightly_smiling_face:

I think they will be our Friday and Sat starters they were really good!

It looked for a few moments that Pallette was coming unhinged, but he collected himself and got out of that bases loaded situation. Never good to hit the first batter, but he pulled through. I was impressed.

You saw what I was writing about a couple of weeks ago: pitchability.

Hopefully Lockhart can keep us close, they are throwing LH which usually us down.

There sure shouldn’t be any complaints about our starting pitching through the first 2 games. It appears DVH and Hobbs have done their homework and have a handle on the pitchers. Man this is a fun time of the year! Baseball is cranking up, basketball is nearing postseason play and spring football is about to crank up. WPS!

@ClayHenry Phil talked about your pitchability metric last night

My phone blew up. I heard. I thanked him this morning.

Bolden stuff last night was electric! Best movement I have seen from any of our pitchers in a long time you don’t see sliders breaking a foot very often…nasty pitch.

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You will see him in the starting rotation soon. That’s a good trio – Pallette, Vermillion and Bolden. They continue to like what they have seen with Kopps, Monke and Lockheart. We will get to see what Lockheart has tonight.

2 Ls and 2 Ts. :wink:

And two Es. You remember two Ts! (For those of you who wonder, we had a thing about Ryan Mallett. Lots of people kept spelling his name with one T. We began calling him two Ts.)

Both of them can deliver the heat.

2Ts is over here in Mountain Home.

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