Pallette analysis

I wrote an analysis on what the team looks like in the wake of Peyton Pallette’s injury.

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Great article Matt… this kind of puts a lot of pressure on Noland to be really really good and consistent all year… I think Smith will do fine because he can control 3 pitches.

Wiggins has the potential to be absolutely overpowering if he can learn to mix his pitches and locate that 99 mph fastball… the thing if he is a starter, who will now be the closer?? I think he was going to get first dibs on closing… probably will be by committee until someone proves they are capable of doing it…

The offense will be absolutely lethal so we don’t have to have a totally dominant pitching staff. We just have to have a consistently good staff and I think that will be enough for us to have a great season… I can’t wait to get it started


Great read, Matt!
Well thought out analysis!
Looking soooo forward to baseball!!

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I don’t like saying there is pressure on a college pitcher. Someone will step up for Friday night. I think there is much talent on this staff, as Matt mentioned.

Much tougher to lose someone late in the year than in January. Roles yet to be defined.

What this does is reduce the number on the staff by one. You know there will be a few injuries every season. If you have several more, that’s when it’s trouble. Not with the first one.

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I agree with you and hopefully he won’t feel that pressure but he seems to be a competitor and would only be human if he feels a little bit more responsibility today then he did yesterday since he has the most experience. I think it will only make him better and I expect him to have a great year.

Terrible for Pallette and team this year, but it will push some of the new talent to get ready one way or another for the '23 season. Well written, Matt.

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Matt/Clay, with PP’s back-to-back injuries hurting his draft stock, would he come back next year?

I don’t know what he’s thinking in terms of coming back. The best case scenario for him to return to the mound would probably be late this year or early 2023, but that’s not guaranteed. Each rehab is different.

A team might like him enough that they take him with a fairly early-round pick this year and then he finishes rehab with their supervision.

Or maybe he thinks he can prove himself on the mound next year in college and improve his stock for 2023. It’s a tough blow either way for him.

Yeah Matt that’s what I was thinking about… I think the process is usually 12 to 15 months recovery for TJ if I’m not mistaken… There’s a possibility he may not can throw next year
I sure hope that’s not the case but like you say ever rehab is different. He obviously has arm problems so far. Wish him all the best

If he actually goes #31, he’d be crazy not to take that. Likely we won’t see him in a Razorback uniform again.

Am I just out of touch, or is it really possible that a MLB team would take a player in the first round of the draft, that’s coming off of TJ surgery? Especially if he hasn’t pitched in a game since the operation.

The Blue Jays drafted Gunnar Hoglund 19th overall last year when he was two months removed from Tommy John surgery.

I don’t think it’s far-fetched to think Pallette will be a high draft pick this year, but it might not be as high as he would have been without the surgery.

I don’t know if this is true or not but its seems like some team may view having TJ surgery now may be a “good” thing. TJ surgery and players ability to return to form is more common now, so teams may look at that is potentially one less interruption in his development. At least while he could be in their system. He’s obviously missing development by missing the season. It could delay his start in professional baseball, but how many teams count on their draft pick to contribute at the major league level immediately? As Matt said, each rehab is different so who knows.

Teams don’t mind a player having Tommy John as much as they once did. But it still drops you. Obviously they like you better when they see u throw afterwards. Kopps was considered damaged goods both because of TJ surgery and age.

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