paired up with OM

go figure!! thats ok we can kick their !@!@ with Omaha on the line


But then again, Ole Miss is notorious for not winning their own regional

Lots of potential conference rematches in the Supers:

Okie State and Texas Tech
UCLA and Oregon State

Clemson is in their regional. I’d think they’d be capable of keeping the webels from making it to Fayetteville.

Any team but the Rebels.

They haven’t played us Omaha on the line Baum would be going crazy!!! bring them on!

Illinois might be better than Clemson. That’s a tough regional.

Illinois has very good pitching not going to be easy for OM either.

Doesn’t matter to me who knocks them out, but I’d like to see one of them do it. I know it’s dangerous to wish for a particular opponent, but I still think we’d have a better shot at either Clem or Ill than OM, however, I know we can beat OM, too. If I knew we’d get to Omaha either way, I’d rather be the one to send OM home.

Baseball America said we may have the easiest regional of the national seeds. This may be true - however, I noted that TCU has not one, but two 6’6" lefties that they can throw out there (if we end up playing them). And Cal has that one stud who can hit home runs with the best of them. Not that much of a concern if our offense wakes up, but still not as comfortable as I’d like to be. However, it doesn’t matter how I feel; it’s how the team feels.

But beyond the regional - if we’re fortunate enough to survive the first weekend - we were done no favors being matched with Ole Miss - the ONLY team to win a series at Baum-Walker this season, and has also had our number pretty much in recent years. Not to mention just eliminating us from the SEC Tournament. My point is that they won’t be intimidated AT ALL coming into Baum-Walker.

I’d much, much rather have swapped places with MSU and gotten their draw. Ironically, we got the higher seed but they got the easier path to Omaha, being paired with the Stanford regional. As I wrote last night, if Stanford survives and ends up coming to MSU, they will be blown away from the atmosphere. Stanford only plays in front of 2,000 or less per game. Any of the big-time SEC environments is going to be a big adjustment for them to make. Not so for Ole Miss.

Time to make Ole Miss go bye into the night if they make it out of the first round…