Pagano Question

I saw somewhere else he just set up his third visit…Anyone know where he’s visiting? Thanks!

He’s visiting us April 7-9.

Notre Dame March 24th
OU March 31st

It appears Oregon will get a visit, although the date isn’t set.

Have conformed the April 7-9 OV to Fayetteville.

I’m sorry but who is he.

Hope that helps… Hit enter btw.

Clemson DT grad transfer. … =206290984

why is he transferring ?

Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins

While he is a projected draft pick, he has had to split time with equal or better player.

Now that he has graduated - and has a national championship ring - he wants to transfer for more playing time and development.

That would be great for the young man and the hogs. Hope it works out if the young man wants to be here