Padded practice helmets

Do those practice helmets with external pads - as pictured on one of the stories out front - reduce head trauma? I would assume that’s their purpose.

If so, could they be worn during games?

No evidence they reduce head trauma. What they do reduce is hand injuries for your teammates swatting you across the helmet.

Helmets are there to prevent skull fractures, basically, and they do that well. As currently designed, they can’t prevent concussions, which result from the brain sloshing around inside the skull. No helmet can do that at this point. I’ve had two concussions that I know of – one in ninth-grade football practice when the back of my helmeted head hit the ground hard, and one in an auto accident where my head hit some luggage in the passenger seat. Helmet didn’t prevent one and wouldn’t have prevented the other.

Cool. Thanks for the info.