Packed out stadium at Ole Miss

Sure hope we don’t end up with a Covid spread from this weekend’s series. You think we’ll be allowed to pack out Baum like that next weekend?

I think there will be more folks in stands. I heard all the students at Ole Miss got Covid during Greek rush. Just kidding. Sort of.

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Packed stadium and very few masks sounds like reverse Darwinism to me: Weeding out the stupid.

But then we are talking about Ole Miss here, so I repeat myself.

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And they treated Covid by spraying bleach down student’s throats

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I’ll be interested to see if Arkansas allows full capacity by the end of the season. The increases to this point have been rather minimal in comparison to the Mississippi schools.

I expect Arkansas will expand capacity for home games during the month of May, but would kind of be surprised if it is to full capacity. The NCAA has not announced its attendance policies for the postseason. I could see an instance where the NCAA is not comfortable with the high regular-season attendance figures that have been in place at some of the ballparks that will host.

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Yeah the NCAA was fine with IU only allowing 500 at Assembly Hall in the Dance but they may not extend that in the other direction.

For the last home game, we sat among a high school team. They had masks on, either around their necks or on their chins. No one ever asked them to pull them up.

I wish I could say that surprises me.

It surprises me. The ushers in the sections I’ve sit in have their signs and will call you out if you don’t have one on unless you are eating or drinking.
A lot of people holding empty bottles between innings.

True, if you are within range. I’ve been all over the place within a few sections. The kids were on the front two rows and mid-row. They were not easily seen by an usher.

What an idiot. He needs to spend some time in jail. But this is OM & his daddy can probably get him out of it.

I’d be fine with letting anyone in who can produce a valid vaccination card. I’d like to see the UA have a 2-3 day clinic where every student, faculty & employee who wants a shot can get one. I suspect most faculty have been vaccinated by now. Most students should have gotten at least their first one by now.

If we can get up to about 70% immunized in this state by June 1, I’d be fine with opening up to full attendance. (Hope well before then all our athletes, staffs, & coaches have gotten the shots.)

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