Packages to Tampa

I don’t think I can make it to the Outback. Taking the grands to Disney the next Saturday. However, I know Little Rock Tours is offering a package on its busses. I’ve been on trips with them and enjoyed them a lot. There are probably some other travel groups from NWA that will have packages. Those groups generally have tickets available. I’d like to see us have a strong contingent of fans down there.

Will there be tickets available through Razorback ticket office?

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That ship has sailed. You can try the bowl website or one of the ticket hubs.

I bought two from Ticketmaster. Price not bad at all.

But very few seats left
Had to get endzone to not be nosebleed

Been booking flights, hotel, and car all afternoon

Now just gotta fix the work schedule!

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Ticketmaster was down to nosebleeds and club seats and my son doesn’t do nosebleeds well. So we’re in the East Club, with prices to match.

I didn’t see club seats
Might have done that

The 200-level sideline seats at Raymond James are all considered outdoor club seats with oversized padded chairs and access to indoor club area.

There is one ticket left in the entire east club level on Ticketmaster. And StubHub is offering two seats in my section for $350 each.

My son works at a Best Western so he’s able to get employee discount. He lined us up a place about 80 miles out of town for two nights. Not the full bowl experience but workable. I posted a separate thread about parking at the stadium ($30 and up).

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