Pace of practice

I watched with a veteran spread high school coach today. He said pace of practice was very good, but more teaching stops than there will be in two weeks. He sId Morris practices are typically faster than Saturday’s and said it will ramp up a few notches in a week or two and never slow back down. He had never seen Chavis coach technique. Loved it. The real deal, the coach said. Details on eyes and hand placement for the linebackers was spot on and repeated until it was correct. The fine details for LBs are important. Most of its reaction and instinct. But the basics for keys important. That gets first step right.

Bumper Pool was amped up. Linebackers love to put on pads.

Great linebackers make for great teams.
Great linebackers will jump out at you when
following a game between two above average teams.

Nasty ones who accelerate and arrive with a suddenness
that reverberates on the field. THIS IS FOOTBALL.

Agree on great linebackers. Every good defense seems to have one that makes things happen.