Pace critical to Arkansas' offensive success

Wrote on what we saw from the Razorbacks’ offense in late-shot-clock situations against Mississippi State, and the importance of playing with pace against Texas A&M, another team that prefers to grind it out on both ends:


Just the article I wanted to read. Would love to hear muss talk more about his approach to game planning pace of play. Not sure he’s all in on playing as fast as possible, but he rightfully credits pace and assertiveness for our success at Kentucky. That assertiveness is key. We pretty obviously do not get better shots the longer the possession lasts. And with nick smith joining the offense we should absolutely be trying to create more shot attempts per game. You don’t do that with long possessions milking the clock. We just need to be more aggressive on offensive. I don’t mean put your head down and bulldoze to the rim like it’s a rugby game which is what I hear a lot of fans suggesting is all we can do. I just mean shoot your shot. and rebound. We are a pretty good rebounding team. Won’t be easy to push the pace on the road vs buzz but this is where NSJ should earn his :moneybag:

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Also whatever happened to pace and space? I’m starting to wonder if that’s a phrase that someone made up when promoting the mussleman hire initially. I don’t think Ive seen where he has used that phrase as the coach here, at least not talking to the media. I wish he would tho. Seems to me even without awesome three point shooters we still need both of those things to generate good shots, pace and space. Also not to be too long winded here but I think it is worth pointing out that pace is a good way to create space against defenses like miss st played packing it in to the paint, soft shell whatever as has been discussed on here, where otherwise it can be hard to spread that defense out and create open space in the half court. Speed up the pace and don’t let them set up that defense. Beat them down the floor and dont let them be so comfortable about knowing exactly where their defensive help is and where the offensive attackers are coming from.

There has been a lot of standing and watching at times on offense and defense. The youth on the Hogs roster has shown up! You can’t replace experience! Understanding time and score at critical points in the game like the lob pass down 4 late when it wasn’t there, the bounce pass whiteout an angel down 4 late and the 3 point shot when you could get to hole!
On defense they have just fail to stop the straight line drive! Way too many wide open 3 point shots have been taken! It all equals getting your rear end beat! Our hogs have the talent to win they just have to take care of the ball and be solid on defense.

This team success will always be built around defense because of our lack of shooters. This team is very athletic and thrives in open court situations so that’s why we have to be incredibly aggressive on defense. We have depth enough to do so if we get in foul trouble

Smith can help with the as a shooting threat and he can take it to the hole! They just lack some game awareness when they have chances to cut into a deficit they keep making decisions that lead to TO’s.

We have depth alright, just not good depth. Muss’s seems to like a 7-8 man rotation. Dunning, Ford, and Pinion have become non factors. Missouri and Vanderbilt have used up to 10 players effectively on a consistent basis. We have one shooter from distance (Pinion) Our hope lies in the ability of Smith to help in that area. Love Devo, but he is a streak shooter. Hope he gets hot down the stretch

I believe Dunning Ford and Pinion have become nonfactors because they don’t get a chance to play. Ford came out and played very well when he really had to one game. Pinion has showed what he can do in a couple of games.Dunning I believe is a guy who could help us if he really had to.
I guess that’s my point IMO we have at least two guys maybe three that if we just absolutely had to have them could come into a game and at least hold their own until our starters got back in there.


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