PAC players make revenue sharing demands - threaten to sit out this season

My reaction to the above:

How about this idea for those so concerned about the well-being of their “brothers” in the locker room…why don’t they all voluntarily set up a fund where 5-10% of the salary/bonuses earned by those who DO make it to the NFL is pooled together and then shared with their former-teammates who don’t make it to pro ball?

Yeah…that’ll fly about as far as a lead balloon…

Funny how everybody is for revenue sharing when it’s not their revenue. And this 50% - where does that come from? Can’t these guys look and see that if colleges (most of them) are already struggling to make their athletics budget balance as things are, sucking 50% of it out will, essentially, kill ALL college athletics? And then there will be no anything…not even scholarships.

I get that some of their grievances have some merit. But just a few years ago, colleges started paying this “full cost of attendance” stipend so that these athletes, in addition to getting a full-ride (and all the benefits of being an athlete, such as an open ticket on top-notch food and nutrition), but can afford to buy some clothes, go to the movies, etc. Something academic scholarships don’t have.

And, we are on the cusp of getting some kind of settlement in the use of player’s likeness on video games, jerseys, etc. that will give them even more.

The proposition is what it is. Players can always decline the “deal”, if they wish. But for the 95+% of them that will never play pro ball, 4-5 years of free school, with most of their related bills covered and free room and board…that’s NOT a bad deal. It’s hard work and it is very demanding. But they are free to decline if they wish to. I personally don’t think any less of someone who does decline - I’m not in their shoes. But if they choose to accept, then - like anyone who makes a deal - I expect they should honor the deal they agreed to.

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I agree 100%, but I gave up on amateur “intercollegiate athletics” years ago, TV made it impossible to be what it was intended to be.

This is not the year to make that sort of demand. Those programs are already looking at a shortfall and possible no games or revenue. Imagine what a boost it would be to have have to pay those scholarship monies.

the point was made above. To 90-95% of those players, that full ride scholarship is an amazing opportunity. The door is open. Walk through it!

Great point, Coloradohog, but the West Coast is a crazy place, so this may just end college football for this year. I might not want to play football at this time, either. I do understand that. These guys are using their leverage or perceived leverage to try to make some money. Shut the game down and come back next year. I can live without football, so can all of us.

Sad times we live in. The country is in the process of self-destructing as we watch.

Surely there are kids willing to pay for the love of the game, a free college education, and a shot at the next level. Find the and let them represent.

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Well hopefully this PAC 12 demand by football players doesn’t spread like COVID-19 is doing. But who knows.

I would be happy to see all those PAC12 teams having
losing seasons every year. Just add them in there with ND and the Shorthorns.

Personally, I wouldn’t even notice that the PAC 12 teams were missing, if they dropped out this season.

The PAC 12 only had a participating team in the play-offs in 2 of the 6 years there has been a play-off. They’ve never won the championship. They should just tell those players, “no play, no scholarship renewal” this season.


It’s always about the $$$$. ALWAYS. Bottom line. It’s about the $$$$.


Nobody requires these players to accept scholarships & a free education - not to mention the cost of schools’ investment in player training & development. If they have a better opportunity other than a fully paid for college education, they should pursue that path & bypass college There are plenty of kids out of high school who want to go to college but don’t have the money for that opportunity.

Asked a neighbor’s son about his experience after a football scholarship to Vanderbilt. Was impressed with his response & perspective that he appreciated the opportunity for a free $400K education & degree that enabled him to earn a good job & career.

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Wiz I think you and the Mercury News massively misinterpreted this. Money is way down their list. Racial injustice and health and safety issues related to the pandemic are the primary complaints, from everything else I’ve read.

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The fans are in control. Look at the TV ratings for MLB and NBA. It may not happen overnight but this will get fixed when everyone realizes they are going broke due to lost donations, lost TV revenue, and a big drop in ticket sales.

Which way will it get fixed ?

If this is about money, I applaud WSU for taking a stand & releasing the players.

The pandemic has already financially strapped so many universities (both in athletics & academics) without players demanding more $ in addition to their scholarships.

Swine you may be right, as I do not know the sincerity regarding the health and safety concerns, but the snapshot I see of the college age population is not a picture of high concern about Covid. Yes football is more phyiscal contact, but spreading the virus does not require tackling someone.

So anyway, as stated earlier, you may be right or that is just how you look at it and I may be wrong, but I wonder if this is more about leverage than anything, which can work or can be misplayed. I think the timing is off, since much of the sports fan population may feel this hand has already been played on both areas you mentioned. Guess we will see.

Retracted…you are 100% correct.

MLB opening night ratings were better than the NBA opening night ratings

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I was thinking playoffs and he was focused on season ratings…

Can we make the boycott retroactive to the 2018 baseball season?

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