PAC-12 to play football this fall

So will Mountain West. MAC is the only FBS holdout and may decide to play today.

I find it amusing that most national reporters have obligingly not questioned the PAC/Big Ten cover story that the testing capability and technology got so much better in the course of two months that it is now safe to play.

A cynical person would say that they overplayed their hand, thinking everyone else would have to cancel fall ball too once they took the lead and shut down. That did not work out well at all, so they bit the bullet and decided to salvage what they could now rather than hope the proposed spring season turned out to be less of a train wreck than feared.


I love that I can watch football until about 1 or 2 am Sunday morning starting in Nov.

Buzz, as Randy Rainwater says, “you hit it on the nail”.

So, are the other 3 Power 5 conferences going to sit back and wait for the B1G and Pac10 conferences to finish their schedules sometime in Jan/Feb, to have the bowl games and the play-offs?

Pac 12 is only playing seven games. They’ll be through by Christmas. So will the Big Ten, which has its championship game scheduled Dec. 19.

Thanks, that will work OK. The NFL play-offs and Saturday college bowl games mays overlap, but so be it. They can probably work it out so college play-off games and NFL play-offs won’t overlap.

The CFP discussions this year will be as weird as everything else in 2020, with no inter-conference games to use as a metric and teams not playing the same number of games.

If I were the SEC, ACC, or Big 12, I would refuse to play the PAC12 or Big 10 in any bowl or championship game if they weren’t playing similar number of games. Screw 'em. I know they won’t do that but they should.

One thing for sure, Arkansas’ hopes for a bowl with 2-3 wins went out the window with the BIG and PAC12 back in the bowl picture. Before Covid 19, 2-3 SEC wins usually got you in a bowl game with 3-4 cupcakes on your 12 games schedule.

And cost your conference millions? Goodness gracious how asinine.

Yup. Eye test will be everything. Not just win, but dominate. On the other hand, most teams’ schedule got a lot tougher, no cupcakes to pad the record except in the cupcake conferences. It’s conceivable that no one goes undefeated this year.

Not if they are playing the ACC or Big 12 and keeping all of the money away from the PAC12 or Big10. Maybe you are the assinine one.

You think the bowls aren’t going to put Ohio st, Michigan, penn st, Wisconsin etc in games?

“Sorry seniors. We got offered an invite to play the citrus bowl v Minnesota, but because we played ten games and they played they only played nine we are refusing to go and instead we won’t play a bowl game.”

@hogq should the ACC refuse to play the SEC? ACC is playing 11, SEC is playing 10.

Bowls yes but the playoffs may be trickier. Who cares let em all in I guess even if some only play 5-8 games. At this point no conference knows how many games they will actually play whatever schedule that was set beforehand.

Can you read? In my OP, I said “similar number of games”. Ten to eleven would be considered similar by most people. Seven compared to 10 is not similar. But what is even funnier is that I also I said I know they won’t do this. You’re getting as bad as another poster on here attacking anything that you don’t agree with.

Would nine be comparable to ten?