Pac-12 tampered with replay review

Apparently a P12 official (executive, not a zebra) intervened on the review of a targeting call in the USC-Wazzu game last month, resulting in no targeting penalty being called.

I could absolutely see this happening in Birmingham. Especially when the Ocean Scum are involved.

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The members of the SEC are going to have to unite to get this officiating deal straightened out somehow. Alabama gets so many calls to help them win. They don’t need any help these days, but it just won’t stop. I have a buddy who went to LSU and is 70…he says it has been going on for decades. Alabama and Bear Bryant ruled the SEC and were like royalty. They have owned the SEC for many, many years.

We’ve only been getting drilled by the refs for 25 or so years…the mythical holding calls to bring back a good play for the opponent…the lack of a call when it is very apparent a penalty occurred. This is not a myth. This is reality. The SEC is similar to the NBA…certain players are protected by the NBA and certain teams are protected by the SEC.

If for no other reason than just what it appears, I’d move the officiating headquarters out of Alabama altogether and not to another state for the appearance of impropriety. Move it to Oklahoma, Kansas, New York–and out of the hands of any SEC graduates.

Totally agree with getting the replay out of the state of Alabama!
Also, SEC needs to start rotating SEC media days to other SEC states every year and be be in Hoover, Alabama as much as they are currently.
SEC baseball tourney doesn’t need to be in Hoover, Alabama every year either, move it around for goodness sakes.
SEC athletics shouldn’t revolve around Hoover, Alabama.

Go Hogs!

Either move it to a state completely disconnected from the SEC or make it a roving headquarters to each SEC state every 2-4 years. The thing is no matter where it’s at or who the officials are overseeing it, it’s going to be hard to eliminate the Bama bias. All want to stay on the champs good side.

We’ve seen over the years that the league protects, via officiating, the team that is on track and has the highest probability of reaching the playoffs. It’s simply too much money to allow an upset to derail it. I don’t think it’s necessarily Alabama preference as I’ve seen it when Florida was ruling the roost. Now with the “style points” as part of the process, protecting the line in these games has exacerbated the situation… The missed hold call with Agim was very blatant… no way the ref misses that one. Having been a ref, albeit in high school and not at this level, that gets called. No way the white hat misses that…

Too much money to allow an upset to derail it & protecting the line. Sounds like the bookies are running the show.