Pac-12 goes with 10-game conference schedule

They’d already decided to go league games only.

So the Big 12 is the only P5 league that hasn’t committed itself on type and length of schedule. Everybody is playing 10 conference games, ACC has one NC game. Since the Little Dozen only has 10 teams, I would expect them to stick with their 9 LD games, but will they have one NC game to get to 10 games?

I guess one obvious plan would be for the Texas league to play an ACC team. I don’t remember how many teams are in the ACC now, but I know it’s more than 10. If they did that, some ACC teams would have to play a G5 team. Or the ACC could play only 10 conference games & let the Texas league find a 10th game for each team from among the G5.

Of course, there’s nothing magic about 10 games. I guess the Texas league could just play a 9 game season. If MLB is any omen, I’d say some games are going to be cancelled anyway.

ACC has 15 teams counting Notre Dame.

“Texas (spit) league”

Love your take neastarkie!