Pac-12 also goes conference-only for fall

Not a surprise, especially since California and Arizona are both being hit rather hard by the latest COVID-19 spike,’

So Notre Dame has now lost one-fourth of its schedule (Wisconsin, Stanford and Southern Cal). Remains to be seen if they also lose their home opener, which would be us. I think the Aggies lost a non-con with Colorado in the deal too, and Bama was playing USC at JerryWorld.

And Desmond Howard has NO problem with the Irish being left out in the cold.

“I might not be the best guy to ask this question to because I’ve always felt that Notre Dame was always given this special pass and they just enjoy this independence, and that they never had to join a conference," said Howard.

I think the ACC will bail ND out, because playing ND guarantees a lot of TV eyeballs. They’ll give ND two or three more ACC games, and the Irish will fill in with Navy, Western Michigan and us. If we don’t go conference only that is.

Watching the news tonight, I’ve become convinced now we’re not going to have football this fall. Too much increase in C-19. It’s not going to decrease between now & the start of football season.

You could be right. But if any league is crazy/arrogant enough to try it, it will be the SEC. We might be the only conference in FBS that plays.

I saw something a couple hours ago that indicated the ACC is considering doing a 10-game home-and-home conference only schedule with five opponents for each team (with Notre Dame a part of that). It’s an interesting idea: playing just five teams, but playing each of them on the road and at home. If that idea takes hold, then our game in South Bend is toast.

I had not seen that and I’m in the middle of ACC country (currently in Michael Jordan’s home town).

ND is already playing six ACC teams. You’d have to tear one of those up and then go home and home, not to mention everyone else’s schedule, I could see 10 ACC games, adding 3-4 more for ND, but no home and homes. I’m not going to say anything is impossible in this climate but that seems to create as many problems as it solves.

Found it.

Some radio guy talking out the side of his neck… Not gonna say never but that would surprise me. ACC teams play 8 games; six of them play ND which would be a ninth. Let four more play ND for that ninth game and then fill in with nine games involving schools who weren’t already scheduled this year, Then if you wanted an 11th game for SC-Clemson or Jawja-GTech, okay,

I just don’t see the value of home and home,. It would reduce travel for the four NC schools, Clemson, GTech and the two Virginia schools, probably, but Louisville, Miami, FSU, Pitt, Syracuse, BC and ND would still be all over the place,

But think of all the television exposure being the ONLY conference playing. Not to mention $$$$

BTW - sarcasm

Something else I originally missed about the Pac-12 announcement, Not only are they going conference-only, they’re not going to start Sept. 5. They’re concerned that USC and UCLA won’t be able to play that early because of the large amount of COVID-19 cases now in Los Angeles. They haven’t said when they will start, but it won’t be that first weekend.

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