OzarksGo and SEC Network +

Can someone help me figure out how to watch SEC Network + while having OzarksGo for TV and internet? Not available through the TV and ESPN app says I must subscribe to SEC. by the way with my package on OzarksGo we do get the SEC network.

Thanks I’m advance!

If you have SECN you should be able to get SECN+

Go into settings on the ESPN app on whatever device you are using, open TV provider and log in

Yea I thought the same thing, it is telling me to call OzarksGo so I’m on hold with them now. Hope to figure it out. Didn’t know if anyone else had OzarksGo and knew it just wasn’t possible or anything. Thanks Doc!

Not familiar with OzarksGo
When you log into ESPN and it asks for a TV provider, there is a list of what seems like every TV provider in the country

I had to go to my web browser-google chrome-and clear my cookies. Then I had to restart my computer and relog in to espn watch and it worked.

I called OzarksGo and they said they’ve had multiple calls on this and were working on it, should be fixed Monday. Guess better late than never but hate to miss this game!

I called ESPN+ and they said they have had an issue with SECN streaming for a week now. Working on getting it fixed.
I have a subscription to both ESPN and ESPN+, but haven’t been able to watch the games.

I streamed the game using the ESPN app on my ROKU (I also have a Firestick with the app.) I had no problems with the streaming other than being forced to login to my provider again.

I was going thru my DirecTV ESPN app. I tried using my Fire stick but had the same issues.
This issue only applied to the SECN+
I could watch any other ESPN+ game except ANY event that was streamed by SENC+.

I have the same complaint, I watch on my iPad but it won’t connect even though I’m signed in with Ozark

According to ESPN, the issues isn’t with anything from your end, it’s with SECN+
They said it has been an issue for the past week and they were working to get it resolved.
The ONE game I wanted to watch and I couldn’t. Frustrating to say the least.

I usually start logging in to the ESPN app about an hour before game times. That gives me time to watch it bomb. Then I can log out and log in, delete the app, download the app again, log in again, watch it spin and go nowhere, log out again, log in again. Rinse and repeat.

BTW, I hate the ESPN app.

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So just got some resolution finally. Called OzarksGo and they said to sign out and back in. It fixed it. Too bad they didn’t tell me that the first time I called! Also, shame on me for not trying that!

Thanks everyone!

It’s possible that would not worked last week. If the company was having issues with others, they might have had to fix those and once they did, you had to reboot to capture it. Just a thought

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