Oxford crowd Saturday

The morning kickoff is not helping them pack the house.

They’ve got LSU coming in a couple of weeks and the Ole Miss people get up for that game a lot more than playing Arkansas. Quite a few folks will view that game as “the” game left on their schedule to attend, and decide not to make the trip Saturday.

A third problem for Ole Miss is that some of the air had to go out of the balloon for their fan base after the Bama game. They usually need a lot of bandwagon fans and/or a big visiting contingent to get close to a sellout. I don’t know how many tickets Arkansas sold, but the Bama result makes our game a tough sell to bandwagon types.

It will be loud, but not nearly as bad as the Georgia game.

They have been pushing hard for three weeks for sell out but appears the core group has already bot their tickets. Temps will be 86 during game time so walk up crowd numbers will be small I think. Crowd will not be big factor if Hogs start early—those folks will retire to Grove and cooler beverages.

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