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What exactly is this building going to be used for?? I’ve heard but for some reason I can’t remember.

I believe it will house the new baseball offices, our locker room, etc. The home dugout will flip to the first base side and there is a tunnel from the new building to the new dugout location. There are suites, premium seating, and an open air plaza on the upper level. I think it will be a more high-falutin hogpen for right field. One interesting detail is the visitor bullpen will be right under the left field hogpen. Bet there will be some verbal harrassment aplenty then.

Thanks,Yeah that’s basically what I remember now, that will be pretty cool having a tunnel all the way to the dugout! James Bond has come to baum Walker LOL

I can’t wait for the visiting team to try to warm up in their new bullpen location right below the Hogpen. I bet THAT won’t be boring for the visitors. :sunglasses:

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Some of the numbers have changed - it will cost around $27 million now and the target opening isn’t until sometime in 2021 - but here are some details on the facility from a couple of years ago.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it! Thanks Matt.

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