And pretty easily. Not a good look going into SEC Tourn.

Have yet to clean up the stretches of dumb stuff. Refs were horrid again.

It is disappointing that Cuonzo Martin first year in league takes overnight worst team in conference and they finish better in conference than what was supposed to be our best team in years. And all that without their best player…he is a good coach.

He may be a good coach, but another head scratching performance by the Hogs. With a tournament seed to play for, we don’t appear to be motivated.

Cuonzo used our trapping man against us when we left their bigs free or in mismatches in the paint. If their bigs couldn’t make it they could pass out to wide open 3 as a result of our trapping man defense.

Martin recruited a coach— and his 2 sons—upgrades program in a hurry