Owens-Dellerme first Hog to win NCAA Decathlon Title

Ayden Owens-Dellerme broke Ashton Elton’s meet record to become the first a Razorback to win NCAA title at Eugene, Oregon. Congrats Ayden!

Eaton went on to become 2 time Olympic champion and world champion. So big things await for Ayden when he starts competing at the international level. Unfortunately for me, he will be competing for his mother’s mainland Puerto Rico instead of father’s mainland United States. For those who don’t know, while Puerto Ricans hold US passports, internationally Puerto Rico competes as a separate nation.

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I think Owens-Dellerme tied Eaton’s mark actually. And it’s not his career high; he scored 121 points higher in April at Mount SAC, which was the collegiate record until the kid from Georgia broke it last month, ironically enough at the USA Champions meet at John McDonnell Track.

Thanks for the correction. Dwight Stones said Ayden broke the meet record on the telecast. He may have corrected himself later. I kind of skipped thru the recording to watch events that had Razorbacks.

Dwight’s made quite a career for himself as Mr. USA Track. Hard to believe it was 50 years ago he won the high jump at Munich,

He won the Bronze in Munich. He was just 18 then. Then in Montreal, he was the gold medal favorite, but picked up another bronze. Do you remember that in Montreal he created a controversy saying he hated French Canadians and he was booed?

You’re right about Munich. I didn’t remember the French Canadian flap. I do remember it was raining like hell during the Montreal high jump final and people were slipping like crazy, including Stones.

That Munich Olympic will forever be blazed in my mind. A tragedy that will never be forgotten.

I was 9 and you would think I understood more. But at the time I was pretty clueless (many would say I am still clueless). I do remember watching TV and them showing the “dorm” or whatever it was called and not understanding what was going on.

Absolutely! Peter Jennings happened to be on vacation attending the Olympics and ABC put him to work on the coverage of Black September and the Israeli hostages. I never will forget Jim McKay looking into the camera that night and saying sadly, “They’re all gone.”

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