Overwhelmed by SIZE, TALENT & Bad Defense

AR took its best shot at KY in the first half and when it was over, they were tied. Then in the second half AR hung in there and even took a five-point lead; to see it disappear with a blink of the eye. Finally, KY went up by seven and that was the end. AR was physically and psychologically beat. KY had their way the rest of the game. Why? Kentucky had lost 4 on the road and 3 at home to some of the teams that we beat (TN 2x, SC, FL, MO, TAM, AU). So why we could not beat them at home with all that was at stake? KY found a hole in our armor and stuck their spear through it time after time for an easy score. Drive in, lob it over the top, their tall athletics player took it and stuck it; time after time. That is why we could not separate at the time we were playing well. That kept them in the game the first half and finally broke our spirit the second half and that was that. Those other teams that beat KY, they did not give them easy points as we did. They kept KY in front of them and force them to work for every point. So, they could stay with them through the game. Our defense is good when it works and it’s ugly when it doesn’t. Another issue is plain size and talent. At this point, we are an average team as good as the rest of the conference. We win some and lose some and even make the NCAA. But are we elite? NO! we are 2 to three good recruiting years (not mediocre) away from being that. This team can be neutralized easily. For instance, they slowed down Barford (12 points), Took out Gafford (9 points, 5 Reb, 1 A, 1 TO). Only one good scorer in Macon (26 P, 1A, 1TO), nothing from Cook, Hall, OSA, & Jones. Are you surprised at the loss? Bad defense and not enough quality players to get it done.