I see that there are some people on this board that have not learned about drawing conclusions about a team based on one game. I have two questions for those folks. How many of you thought that Arkansas would beat Tennessee, Ole Miss, and LSU all on the road last year after losing to Toledo? How many of you thought Arkansas would score 50+ points against Ole Miss and Mississippi State and 30+ against LSU after scoring only 12 against Toledo?

Tech is a better football team than many on this board believed. The schedule looks easier than it did on paper before week 1, and Arkansas has improved a lot during the last two seasons. This team gets to improve after a win against a likely bowl team. I’m in a holding pattern on expectations.


I agree with everything you posted. Well said and very rational.

I resemble that remark and am totally unoffended.

I didn’t think we would do any of those things last year after the Toledo game.

All that said, the only data we have is what we could see Saturday. There are reasons to be concerned. There are also reasons for hope.

The best team won.
End of story.

Winning next week is a higher wall to scale.

It is obvious we still have a lot of work to be done. I hope

we have more hay to add to the barn. I sure hope our injuries aren’t too serious.

It’s that way every year and every game.

When something goes wrong, there are always some Chicken Littles who are convinced that the sky is falling and the entire coaching staff needs to be fired. (Yes, there was one of those comments yesterday.)

I agree with Coach B, Arkansas would have lost this game in years past.

We probably would have lost the game had it been played at Louisiana Tech. They played every bit as good as us and did not have the home field advantage. A pattern of poor play to start the season is becoming the norm under the big man. I like him, but he needs to rectify this disturbing trend. If you are not concerned, you are not paying attention.

It is not like we have been winning championships after starting slow

Yes BB gets every team improving but slow starts have been his Achilles heel

its a W on to TCU

Actually, my comment was IF Tech was a better team than us, then yes, change coaches. Not if Tech won the game, but if they were the better team. This is year 4. La. Tech should NOT be a better team. After re-watching the game, I don’t think they have the better team. This is (I think) Skip’s 4th year at La. Tech. Does anyone really think a 4th year coach at La. Tech should have a better team (the issue isn’t winning a particular game, but having a better team) than UofA under a 4th year coach? I don’t.