Think Duke has 5 underclassmen that have declared for the NBA draft. All of them are projected to go in the first round, one, Banchero, in the top three. Just wondered, in the whole one-and-done era, with all that 5 star talent, Duke has won a total of one National Championship, and Kentucky has won the same. Is that due to Coach K and Coach Calipari not being the coaches lately they are all cracked up to be, how hard it is to win a Natty, how even top flight talent needs experience and time to gel, or a combination of the above?

The NBA drafts on potential. Freshmen have not always reached thst potential. Just being a high draft pick does not equate to great freshmen success


It’s one reason why, when I see our fans talk about next year and say:

They’re going to win us a natty!

it makes me shake my head a bit.

I’m very excited about next year, but I think we should have reasonable expectations. If we put it together and play well, we should have a chance to compete and go far. Other teams will have the same chance. If we do, who knows what will happen?

But nothing is guaranteed.


1995 sure proved that.


Remember, our defense starts slow because the guys are trying to showcase their offense capabilities first before they give in to Muss’s defense insistence. We may lose some of our initial games before we start clicking defensively.

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