Overrated chains

I would put Whataburger, Krispy Kreme on the list too.

Not a chain but I would put Rendezvous on the list.

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Getting in line for any chain is crazy…do not understand…

I think I’d start my list with Starbucks. I don’t like their coffee.

After that, probably put Red Lobster on the list. Have not gone in one in 30 years. Maybe Olive Garden. I see people standing outside Olive Garden. Don’t get it.


McDonalds coffee is my favorite!

Rendezvous is great if you have the right waiter. If not, could be dry tasteless ribs. The right waiter works to pick out the best ribs. It can make all the difference. Regulars have a way to get the right waiter because they tip well. You want to be with the right people.

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In-N-Out is ok, but just ok, I definitely wouldn’t wait in line for it, same with Whataburger. They’re fast food burgers, that’s all, a small step above McDonalds or Burger King. Krispy Kreme is good, all donuts are good!. As Clay said, Rendezvous depends on the waiter, and your agreement with him, basically, a very nice tip for the best ribs, it’s just the way it works.

Whataburger is one of the few things I miss about living in Texas. Wish we had one here in NC

IN-N-Out is extremely clean, well run, and food is very good for the money. The cost is low for what you get. Most five guys I have eaten in are dirty and not that great.

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Well, the only ones I’ve ever eaten at were in California, and they were, just ok. The 5 Guys I eat at is clean, but I don’t eat there often, either. CJ’s or Feltner’s if it’s a fast casual burger, Big Orange if it’s a gourmet burger trip.

I lived in California for a couple years, and ate at In-N-Out way more often than I should have. Loved it. But 3/4 of that love was the fact you could hit the drive thru and have a burger in about 2 minutes. No way in hades I would wait 12 hours, nor even 30 minutes.

Just a FWIW Clay. IMO mainly because I’m a vet and fartbux don’t honor veterans so they can take their 5 dollar coffee and stick it where the sun don’t shine. As far as Olive Garden goes, we have one about 3 miles away and eat there usually couple times a month. But because of covid they have spaced their seating thus making dining an additional 10 -20 minute extra wait.

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Obviously, food is one of the more subjective items one can opine on. And I know a LOT of people who swear that Whataburger is their favorite.

Used to be mine - 50 years ago in El Paso. And those WERE great burgers. But they’ve changed, and I first noticed it maybe 25-30 years ago. I don’t know why or where it comes from, but they (to my pallet) have a definite “after taste” that I find unpleasant. Mind you, I’m a frequent burger eater and I don’t have the same problem with any other burger - just the ones from Whataburger. It’s a real mystery to me. And, I have tried them again several times over the years at probably 5 to 10 different locations and in different cities (I have lived in DFW for 40 years), and they ALL have the same taste issue.

For a chain, Smashburger is my pick…although, they are expensive. But their taste is, IMO, clearly better. Then again, I’ve spoken to more than one that just don’t particularly care for Smashburger.


My wife loves whataburger more than I do although I liked them too just not as much as her. We had one here 20 years ago then moved on. The only time we could get one after that is when we’d be in Fla. on a vacation. Well, they’re opening one back up in town less than 10 miles away. I hope it still has that what-a-burger good flavor to it.

I would put Burger King burger against IN and Out anyday, Im not a big fan of their food! But whataburger is the truth!

Their breadsticks are pretty good but I haven’t been much in that last few years

I grew up on Rendezvous ribs, so I have a hard time ever thinking they’re overrated. I have had some that were too dry on occasion, but quite rarely. I like the Whattaburger in R’ville, although I know it’s completely unrelated to the chain. I don’t care for many chain restaurants of any kind, but they’re kind of hard to avoid. At least they’re usually predictable on their quality. It’s possible that popular restaurants that became chains lost some quality once they grew, but it’s also possible I just got accustomed to them & just found them less appealing. Fast food chains don’t bother me as much because I guess I always expect so little from fast food.

I will not eat at an Olive Garden if any other option is available.

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Rendezvous is vastly overrated for their ribs, the In-N-Out was where you went for a quick burger late at night, rolled through the one in Ontario, CA quite a few times.

My first In-N-Out experience was at the Ontario CA store. It was a long time ago. I’m a fan.

The only chain I like worth a darn is chic-fil-a. The bacon cheeseburger at Wendy’s is pretty good. I’m on the road a lot for work and usually hit a drive thru for lunch. Rendevous…not terrible but when I want good ribs I make them myself. The donuts at Krispy Kreme are pretty good when they pull them off the line and hand them to you when you walk in the door. As far as donut chains, the Shipley’s on Shackleford in Little Rock is hands down the best.

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Isn’t it funny, arguing about convenience food? lol

I wouldn’t walk across the street to pour a cup of water on a fire at a Chik-Fil-a. Been a long time since a chain sandwich moved me off of dead center. See how that works? Someone’s chopped liver is someone else’s gourmet meal.

Slim Chickens gets close, but it is still convenience food.

Best burger around is a Fat Guys in Tulsa, but three locations hardly qualifies as a “chain.” Hopdoddy’s in TX are good. I think there is one in Memphis.