Over/under on the number of times

They show Roid Clemens in the stands. My number is 20.

I’ll go with 30.

They love him.

They will talk to him during the game at least once! They will show him 15 times

5 - each time he son bats and an interview

Got mom too.

Gotta have a storyline these days.


At least it’s not Bill Walton :twisted:

They’ll show him more than once per bat. Once when he gets to the box. Then when the bat ends (no matter how it ends), if he gets on base, a couple of times then. If he makes a play in the field, they’ll show him then. (As I type this, we’re in the rain delay, so I know that’s sorta how they’ve done it up until now.)

Exactly why I picked 20. I must admit I’ve been largely ignoring his subsequent at-bats so have no idea of the actual count to this point.

The last time I seen the camera on Roger, he looked annoyed with somebody chatting with him. The camera shots may diminish if he goes into Roid Rage up there.

Roger is used to the umps making sure Texas beats Arkansas, like they did most times we played them for, oh, 75 years. So sure he’s annoyed.

The guy chatting/annoying him was Chris Burke, the ESPN analyst and commentator who played for EOE-K. Their lovefest for Roger and Kody makes me want to vomit. Much like all things burnt orange.

It’s at 2 so far.