Over/under for the game against Mizzou...

is 110. Eye-popping. But not surprising. :shock:

That’s a lot of points. We are favored by 7.5.

Sorry for misinformation. I read it in Otis’ article and it was an error. My bad.

It should be an interesting game. Mizzou comes in with the #1 Offense in the SEC, AND the last place Defense. The Hogs are somewhere near the middle with the #6 Offense and the #10 Defense. This is based on YPG. The teams are about even on Scoring Offense and Scoring Defense.

However, two of Mizzou’s wins were big blowouts against weak opponents (61-21 vs EMU and 79-0 vs DSU). That skews the stats. IMO

Hogs win this game.


Where are you seeing that? Vegas Insider just put up early lines of Hogs -7.5 to -8, but no over/under number.

I think the 110 you’re seeing is odds. To win $100 betting on the Hogs, you’d have to risk $110.

There is zero chance that this is accurate

I agree there’s no way it’s right and Grit misread the lines.

http://www.cbssports.com/college-footba … ouri-game/

Odis posted it. He’s wrong.

Now there’s a shock. :roll:

He was off by about 40 points

http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-foo … las-vegas/

Hmm. Firewall at works blocks me, but I assume the O/U is approximately 70. I think that’s easy money, if you’re so inclined. Not much evidence that either defense can stop the other, even with Crockett serving his suspension.

Pretty much. One book has the total at 68.5 and another has it at 73.

To show how nutty the suggestion is that ours would be 110, Texas Tech and Baylor is set in the mid 80s.

Maybe Otis’ bookie is Michael from Stuttgart.

70 is a large O/U, however, I’d be inclined to bet the over after what I saw last weekend. I could see a 50-42 game. Perhaps the D we put on the field against UF will show up, not the one we saw against Auburn, MSU, or even LSU. Despite the stats, though, I don’t believe MU’s offense is as good as most of those we’ve played against this year.

They ran for 280ish on Florida, mostly after the issue was decided (20-0 UF at halftime). Of course, Crockett got half of that. Threw for less than 100 though.

It’s hilarious to watch the movement of the odds on this game.

It opened at Hogs -7.5. Today, it’s moved to -9 1/2, and in the individual off-shore betting, 85% of the bets are on Arkansas, even with the 2-point movement. The O/U opened at 68 1/2, immediately went to 73, and is now at 73 1/2 - 125 if you want the over. Off-shore, at least, they can’t seem to find big enough numbers to balance the betting sides. It makes some sense that the line would move 2 points with the loss of Crockett, but it should have had the reverse effect on the O/U number. Maybe they look it as more 3 and outs for OK, so more scoring opportunities for the Hogs?

The Vegas Strip casinos opened the number at -9 to 9 1/2, but I can’t find any that are taking bets on the over/under.

http://www.thespread.com/ncaa-college-f … ting-chart