Outstanding win!

It is really hard to beat a team that shoots 25 of 26 free throws on their home court. Especially a team that made just 69% of their free throws coming into the game.

Joe was sensational! Absolutely on fire those last several minutes.
Jones had a couple brain farts and shot poorly, but had 9 huge assists and once again led the team in rebounding. I noticed him looking for Joe on every possession those last few minutes.

Ohh and his block! Huge.

Grind it out to the horn! WPS!

We always talk about losses we make look back and wish we had gotten. But never about wins we may look back on as one we may be glad we got.

This is one I think we may look back on.

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So happy

Also, Jones was 3 of 12, Whitt was 2 of 9. On the road…and the Hogs won? Wow.

So true. I really believe OM played as well as they could play and we still managed a win despite maybe our worst half of the year. Definitely a memorable win.

These guys know how to win. They did not win in LSU but they had a chance to win on the road after all the LSU offensive rebounds, and again tonight after ole miss’s best offensive efforts. They are gaining a killer instinct in the final 5 minutes of the game.

This might be one of the most improbable and important wins the Razorbacks have had since CNR was winning championships. To show that they can compete and win in close games on the road should show the 5* high school players that they need to come play for Coach Muss. His talk about taking a NBA approach in college basketball has proven to be true. His players have a toughness that all winners do. This clearly is the most positive sports news in a long time.

This team will lose some more conference games because we still will have problems rebounding. Size matters. But they will scrap, they will play good defense, and give 100% from the opening tip to the final buzzer. That combination will work well the rest of this year and build the ground floor for future Razorback championship.

Congrats are in order now, but we still have a lot of games to play. I think that we have a program that is clearly on the rise and we will be big winners soon. This can only happen if they play with all effort all the time so keep playing hard.

Just win baby

I did not intentionally leave out our successful Baseball,Softball, Women Basketball,Soccer,Tennis, Golf,and all our track teams. Your success makes all Razorback proud.

Muss never blinked and his players has his same demeanor, they never quit because they believe in their coach and themselves. Every close game we win we become mentally tougher, we’re not winning because we’ve lucky, we are winning because we play hard and play as a team. WPS

No, but he about broke his hand on the scorer’s table when MJ stepped out of bounds at the end of the game. I think Gas said it best in another thread, the fact coach doesn’t have to say or do much during the game is a testament to how they practice. They already know what to do and how to do it. One reason few timeouts.

Yes, forgot about the frustration showed at that point. I also think the not calling timeouts is use them when your guys are gassed as is going to happen when guys play 39 minutes. WPS

I am just amazed at our team’s conditioning-to have so few players (although Cylla got some minutes), and play soooo hard at LSU, come right back on the road where we never play well and Ole Mrs always gives us their BEST shot (those free throws-those guys won’t do that again in their lives), and to finish the game like that-just remarkable. whitt was hardly sweating shooting FT’s in the final minute, just calm like he was in his back yard. These young men have put in some WORK to be in this shape.

JW’s defense, ball-denial on Tyree was also remarkable.

Our team’s late-game composure is remarkable. This is how Izzo and Beards teams finish games.

And Desi’s heart is as big as corey beck’s. IJoe’s defense is so impressive and so underrated. Bailey is playing within himself, playing so hard. Just love this team.

Also love that Muss is playing Chaney, and clearly coaching him on the sideline. We need Chaney to develop for us and contribute.

Still on cloud 9. watched the whole game again this am. May watch it again tonight. Love it!


Come backs wins against Indiana and Ole Miss and playing LSU down to the wire while getting killed on the boards…all of these games have been away games. Taking 2 of 3 is very impressive. This team certainly has its obvious limitations, but we are getting everything we could expect and more from these kids and the coaches.

Keeping this team relatively fresh is going to be a job for Coach Mussleman. Since he has been an NBA coach, I know he knows how to do that, but it is not going to be easy.

Conditioning is great, he was very happy about the faster pace in the second half and the 49 points as a result of it. The first half was a real drag. 27 points is just yuck. Again we make it hard on ourselves sometimes. No need for a 27 point half…ever.

He doesn’t appear worried about it at all. He wants uptempo, or ‘good pace’ as he puts it even with a short bench. I like that.

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