Outside shooting for next season

Feeling excited about hoops again for the 1st time in a while and seems like the next few recruiting classes will continue to upgrade the talent level.

Looking at next year, Gafford obviously will take many of Moses minutes (recognizing that is in unlikely a true frosh replaces Kingsley production).

Seems like Garland and Hall will both provide some size and athleticism on the wing (something we clearly miss since Qualls left) but that neither are great shooters.

One of the things that has really benefited our O this year is the ability to keep 2-3 good/very good 3 point shooters on the floor at once and the space that provides. With Dusty leaving, any thought we will try to add another shooter to the class?

We will still have Macon and Beard. CJ Jones looks like he is going to be a 40% or above 3pt shooter so I think we will be fine.

We will of course still have Macon. Plus, CJ Jones will have a much bigger role next year, he can really shoot the 3 ball, that is pretty much what he’s known for. He’s shooting over 50% right now, although that is in very little playing time. Also, I’m sure Barford and Beard will continue to improve their shooting. We’ll have to see how well Garland and Hall can shoot once they get here. I would imagine it would be close to the same this year.

Although he is a walk on and is injured this year, do not forget about RJ Glasper. Before the injury he could really score the ball.

Also, I believe Barford will be a consistent 3-point shooter next year. In his last 8 games he’s made 38% of his 3s. He has made remarkable improvement on his long range shooting. With the availability of the BB practice facility 24 hours a day, I would expect his shooting to improve even more before next season. He has a nice looking shot with excellent rotation, so if he works at it through the off-season there is no reason he can’t be a 40% shooter on his 3s.

I wonder who will be coming back anyway. Some of the sports podcast guys are hinting that Barford and Macon might both be gone. And then they hint that maybe a little used freshman may pull a Babb and also go elsewhere.

Do any of the insiders have any scoop on this?

I don’t think it would be very wise for either Macon or Barford to come out this year.

Isn’t Garland supposed to be a good shooter? In any case I think C.J. Jones will step into Dusty’s role as a no-conscience scorer and gunner.

I hope Macon and Bardford come back I would think they would. Add Beard being a senior next year. C J Jones can shoot he has to buy into the defense. The incoming class will have to adjust and I hope they get playing time and contribute! Trey, Cook and Bailey should all improve.
I look for Trey to be the leader of the team next year. He can be the enforcer. With Macon, Bardford and Beard there will be some adjusting to do to get them where at least 2 of them are on the floor at a time.
But folks this year is not over yet.

If Barford and Macon come out they would have wasted a year that could have been used playing in Europe. That would be their destination.

I’ve shot that down a few times now by asking the players themselves - although I would never say never to anything anymore.

They want to play in the NBA, not the D-league, not Europe and Daryl has made it clear that he wants to get Arkansas to another level next season and that he wants to play with Garland, Hall and Gafford - all with whom he is good friends.

I think this speculation goes back to when we had Daryl on the radio in the spring of 2016 and he said that he was coming in with the mentality of being a one-and-done guy.

On C J, please don’t take this as a bash because it is not. It’s just an observation. Earlier in the season, there were several times I got there early enough to watch the warm ups. CJ was making his 3s similar to Dusty, hitting 4-6 in a row, then after missing one, another run. Around mid-season, I watched him in warm-ups for 10-15 minutes, and not sure he ever hit 2 in a row. Also, I noticed him bending his knees up at the height of his jump. In the last 2 games’ warm-ups that I’ve seen, he has stopped the knee bending, but not back to his early season accuracy.

The point I’m trying to make is we’ve all posted that his nearly total lack of playing time through the last 2/3rds of the season is because of his defense. But, because he’s getting so little playing time now, it may also be because he’s not hitting his 3s in practices.

His shot looked so good early in the season that, hopefully if he works hard on it in the off-season, he’ll get that stroke back. And, keep in mind, I’ve only watched him in warm-ups 4 or 5 times, so I could have just got him on a few off-nights.

Comments: you’ve not read that anywhere, the only way those two guards don’t return for next season Ark make a deep run in the post season tournament final four or better, and that is still a big maybe… Jones isn’t going anywhere he will see plenty of playing time next season the coaching staff is in touch with all of these players…some of you guys

Eric Bolin has hinted at it. He also had the scoop on the Jimmy Whitt transfer.

And I know precisely who he is talking to.

If it happens, I tip my cap just as I did when he was told about the Whitt deal.

I was at spring training in Jupiter, Fla.

I still win that one, huh?

Checking my calendar now to see when I can drive down for a weekend. Bummed about Reyes (okay actually distraught), but hopeful Wacha’s scapula holds up.

If Jimmy Whitt would have stayed there could have been plenty of minutes for him as well. But if a kid does not want to be a Hog they don’t need to be here!

I don’t know which freshman would want to leave. CJ Jones and Hazen get very little PT but neither look ready when they are in, this team is loaded with upper classmen with the juco guys. CJ is a lucky kid right now, he was headed to low level mid major school.

I kinda got the feel jimmy was told by coaches he should transfer, which is just a complete gut feeling. If he stayed and shot the ball the way he did his freshman year, I don’t see him playing at all for this team.

You may be right but Whitt did have some moments last year. At Missouri he lite it up.
I’m happy with the kids MA brought in. We are slowing headed to a point we will have length on the wings. We have always had plenty of guards. We need someone to be a true point guard.