Outfield tailgating around the SEC question....................

…I noticed that Ole Miss has an extensive tailgating like area in their outfield kind of like our Hogpen. I did not notice anything like this at LSU or Florida. How many SEC baseball fields do a Hogpen-like area?

Ole Miss seems to have a tradition of everyone throwing their “beverages” into the air after home runs. I have never noticed anyone doing that in the Hogpen. Are the Hogpen residents better behaved or do they care more for beverage consumption than beverage throwing?

Personally, I don’t mind the beverage. I prefer to drink it, though, not wear it!

The best outfield areas in the SEC are at Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. There really are not any others like it.

Mississippi State’s outfield area has been notorious as loud and nasty. They set up recliners behind the fence. They once had the OSU centerfielder (in a regional) so upset that he dropped his pants. He said they were using racial taunts, although unproven. He did have on sliding pants underneath. I believe he was suspended for one game after the incident.