Outback vs Citrus

I was hoping for the Citrus as its the better bowl but I’ll admit short of the money difference, the Outback is pretty good too.

Payout for Citrus 2021 $8,224,578
Payout for Outback 2021 $6,400,000

The money goes into a pool for all 14 teams after expenses, it doesn’t make a difference.


Raymond James Stadium is a much better venue than the stadium in Orlando.


Vandy will need their share too!

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Jones is right. Tampa has more too. Both great trips…adults Tampa offers a little more.

I really like both cities, but we love Ft. Myers/ Boca/ Sanibel Island and for good measure Amelia Island and Jekyll Island. Jekyll Island is taken over by Dawg fans the week they play the Gators in Jacksonville- best to avoid that time and we learned that the hard way. A $200 room will go for $300 and up.

The only reason I’d prefer Citrus is the mild perceived difference in prestige. I have no idea if IA or PS is the more difficult opponent, but I badly want to win this game. Glad we have a month to heal up and get ready for the game. Hope all our players opt to play.

Penn State had several big time wins and lost several big games by a field goal. From memory, I think their biggest deficit was against the suckeyes by 9. Their real humiliation was losing to IL and BB.

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We will need to be at full strength and roster and play at our best to win this game. So happy for our team and coaches to have this game in Florida. Big Congrats. 8-4 in the SEC is a serious accomplisment.

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the zoyisa in Raymond James is the best in the NFL if no bad weather bucs games impact it before we get there. A great island near Tampa is Anna Maria. I just got shut out of the bowl by a surgery schedule that I have to make, but I am frequently back in Tampa for Lightning hockey and fishing which is easily accomplished. Some folks love to visit the Manatees and warm springs at Crystal River which is about a 90 minute drive back to the stadium. Excellent fishing for sure at Crystal River. Tarpon Springs is a true Greek sponge fishing town. Not many beaches better than either Caladesi Island (always top 5 in evals) or St Pete Beach. Disney is on the Tampa side of the I-4 but would be the only possible advantage to Orlando and the Busch Gardens is fun in the same genre. Downtown Tampa and the Vinik development along the waterfront is great and safe for walking and foodies.

Ray, your thoughts on the playing surface are spot on. The thing I always recalled about trips to the Citrus Bowl, the field was crap. They had played three high school games in the four days leading up to the bowl game. It was chewed up and sandy. No advantage to a team with speed and both Michigan and Wisconsin liked it.

I assume the Hogs will have a tad bit more speed than Penn State, but maybe that’s just stereotypical stuff by me. That field should be dynamite to play on. I love zoysia turf. I love to play golf on zoysia. Tightly mowed, it’s a great surface.

And you are correct on Tarpon Springs. I have not gone after tarpon and snook, but I plan to at some point (although not on this trip.)

According to the Raymond James Stadium Wiki page, the turf is Tifway Bermuda. Which is also golf course grass. I’m not aware of any football fields that are Zoysia; from my experience with it in my parents’ yard, I would think cleats would tend to get caught because of its density.

This site confirms (scroll down a bit)

Recently stayed with some friends in downtown Tampa by the waterfront and was very impressed, you aren’t kidding about a ton of great food options either!

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