Outback observations looking forward

Feel the second half gave a look into the preferences of Coach Pittman, especially offensively. Running effectively against Penn State is not a sure fire predictor that we will be equally successful against top SEC defenses, but I think our lines will be better from this point forward. Hopefully Briles becomes a bit judicious in trick and cute play calls. Some wideouts will need to step up and hopefully that Knox continues on his improved play at tight end. Still have yet to see the play from Henry that many expected, but he can still step up.

It seems like defensive pressure produced a lot stronger secondary coverage, still a bit disappointed in how many busted coverages and wide receivers running free in the secondary we saw this season and even saw in the Bowl game. Defensive difference makers would be a priority in the portal, especially edge speed and strength.

Less prevalent in the bowl game, but not absent were penalties. Would hope to see a big improvement in dead ball penalties. Special teams play was good and a real area of improvement this season. Hopefully the new punter will move the needle there and become a weapon and a someone takes the baton from Parodi, who served us well returning punts.

It’s all about matchups with personnel. Every game is different.

Penn State played a light box. The run to the opposite side (weak) was the ticket in second half.

Penn State struggled in pass protection all year and had little running game. Blitz with those usually assigned to stop the run was the way to go.

Penn State was probably the weakest running team Hogs faced.

Balance is the key. Penn State feared the UA passing game. The key is that Hogs COULD pass and KJ throws great deep ball. Safeties stayed deep. Run, run, run!

It worked. The hogs ran the ball and made Penn State like it.

This is a totally different defense when we bring pressure… QBs don’t have time to set their feet and its very hard to make a good accurate throw very consistently.He threw two of them to us and many more were rushed into being off Target… that’s what you want to make them do, hurry and get the ball out before they are comfortable.
I would like to see a much more of this next year. Going into the LSU game we had only blitzed 10% of the time,which is way way to infrequently…
The quarterback has time to throw the ball in the SEC they are going to complete it, BP was right when he said the team that hits quarterback the most usually wins ,a lot of Truth to that.

The pressure and rattling the QB’s cage is what defense is all about.

I don’t watch much Big Ten football generally. Penn State is right up there with Ohio State for teams I can’t stand, so I really don’t watch them much at all. But I can’t recall ever seeing a Penn State team that was that pathetic running the football.

According to those doing the game, that has been their problem for sometime now. Their stats are not good.

My list of teams I can’t stand is Texass and all other SEC teams. The rest don’t matter one way or the other unless we play them. But I get your point.

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Surely, someone on staff in '22 will notice the blood letting we have when a receiver tries to throw the ball…

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