Out of the country

As is usual my fall schedule includes lots of international travel. Missed the SJS game on a flight to Singapore. Amazed when I landed and checked my phone for the score. I will miss TA&M game coming back from Singapore. Maybe because I didn’t see the last game, I’m not emotionally down and remain optimistic about Saturday. I hope I get a pleasant surprise when I land in San Francisco.

Rather than look at the score upon landing in SF, go get a nice bowl of cioppino and a glass of Napa Valley’s finest. Thank me later.

Nothing better than San Francisco Cioppino.

I am in Europe this week. The game was over at around 5 AM. Saw the score that was enough. This morning did a tour. Sure enough, saw several SEC folks. I said not a word. Figured we were no longer SEC. not up to Mt West either. We are as low as it can get I guess, but for sure, we are not SEC!

Could be worse. Tennessee is considering joining the Ohio Valley Conference per my orange-clad neighbor. BTW, this is a joke for those of you prone to googling to see if this is true.

Glad to see an article about basketball practice officially starting. That will give me hope until about Thanksgiving.

I think there’s a lot of merit to your observation that it’s less emotional when you don’t actually watch it happen. I have made a point of not watching basketball games over the last few years to avoid the hurt. Haven’t quite gotten to the point where I’ll intentionally not watch a football game yet, but I’ve had to miss some for other reasons. So, I agree. Just seeing the score isn’t quite as draining. Maybe not as hurtful. I am considering just periodically checking on the score this week. Like Carol King once said, “I haven’t got time for the pain.”

I had to google cioppino. Glad I did. If I can find it my 10 hour layover, I will definitely try it. I get to California central coast several times a year and last time saw this t shirt “Napa is for auto parts and Paso Robles is for wine.”