Out of curiosity, Austin Reaves

If Marshall were to leave Wichita St., would there be any mutual interest in Reaves transferring to Arkansas? He looked legit to me. My understanding was that he had some qualifying issues. Would those disappear after a year in college?

Good player with the vision, shooting and ball-handling. One thing to consider is he is very skinny and he wears a shoulder brace. I can’t find a link, but I think I read it’s something he is always going to have to deal with ( I could be 100% wrong). There is a concern with strength and quickness, but he can really play.

Cart before the horse, but…

There may not be a scholarship left here if that were to happen

You currently have 1 left for 2017, 2 for 2018 and 0 for 2019

I would think if he qualified to play at Wichita State he would have qualified anywhere. They are D-1 program too!
Years ago I had similar thoughts about players whom left the state! Keith Carter from Perryville could shoot and play defense. I just couldn’t understand why he went to Ole Miss. Now I understand the Coach can’t get everyone.
I’ve learned to be proud of the players we suit up!

SEC standards are different than NCAA, but it is my understanding that he qualified late.

He told me that he wasn’t qualified at the point when I drove over from Newport to Newark to see him in the spring.

Seemed like a very nice kid and was aware of the passing of my mom and brother ad was very kind about that