Out of bounds play

With about 3:35 to go in the first half, the ball is going out of bounds under the basket, Umude is out of bounds, he jumps up, knocks the ball back into the court which hits a Tenn player and the ball goes out of bounds and Ark is awarded the ball. Don’t know how that works. Umude is clearly out of bounds but hits the ball and we keep it. WPS!!!

I thought they blew that call. As noted in other threads, that game was not well officiated from either team’s perspective.

Yes, blown call I couldn’t believe it at the time. WPS

That play will be on Rick Barnes tape of officiating questionable calls. WPS!!!

It was one of those “charges”, right?

Blown calls both ways happened form the opening tip to the final horn. There were fouls that were counted as blocks that were just sorry! That was one of the worse officiated game I’ve watched.

No, it was the out of bounds play where we got the ball instead of them.

The player is not out of bounds until he sets a foot on the floor, mid air is not out of bounds.

But if he’s standing out of bounds and leaps in the air before touching the ball, is it considered in or out of bounds? I would think like in football, once out of bounds you have to re-establish yourself back in bounds before touching the ball. But I don’t know the rule in basketball.

Umude had not established his position inbounds. In this case, he was not inbounds until he set a foot on the floor.

Yes, if was out, he was out. I did not see the play.

I once filled in to ref a basketball game and discovered it is very, very tough to see everything.

They do happen both ways and they did yesterday.

But, I thought we overall got the favorable home whistle. JD’s 5th was awful and Toney could t buy a call.

The calls Jaylin gets almost make you blush—many of them are charges.

But, I’ve never seen a player come out on the right end of so many close calls. Refs love him.

With the griping Barnes did, I will be surprised if some of those don’t go against him early at Florida.

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I’m pretty sure TN was awarded the ball.

They love that smile

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Believe we were awarded the ball. Umude took two steps out of bounds then jumped and through it off TN player. We kept rewinding it over and over. He was easily out of bounds right in front of ref.

Yes, he was out. I thought TN was awarded the ball. I was right in front of the play, but I may be confusing it with another baseline play. I remember the fans booing and I was like, not our ball for a reason… Must be a different play I’m thinking of.

I just watched the game again for the 3rd time. The mugging they were giving us inside was petty rough. They were also doing the same thing to our guards, so i think the calls are pretty evenly bad and it came down to the tougher team.

Yes, I think the play I was thinking about was in the second half.

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