Out coached again

It is an acquired skill for quarterbacks to know when the play is over and not let the desire to make a miracle play lead them into making an oh crap play. Neither Malik nor Fortin really excel in pocket presence. Of course, not having a lot of game reps increase the odds of pressing.

Pretty danged easy after the fact, yup, yup


Defense has played well lately, even with all the injuries. They have played well enough to win last couple of games. I understand KJ playing injured. Been that way for most of the year. But no back up QB ready for season opener? Not acceptable. O-Line regressing the last 2 games? Again, not acceptable. As Head Coach, this falls on Sam. I know he can’t micromanage his staff, But the current trends in the lack of fundamentals, player development, and misevaluations in recruiting must be addressed. After the season, there will be players AND coaches available. Not saying fire Sam. That would be foolish. But his coordinators and other assistances is a different matter. Several have not served Sam well. Even if Sam likes his staff and is loyal, that loyalty may be Sam’s undoing if he does not even consider some replacements on his staff.

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I actually thought Fortin did a great job considering his lack of playing time. On the 49-yard TD bullet he thew, he stayed in and delivered that pass even though he knew he was going to take big hit.

Everybody wanted Hornsby and look how that turned out. Several of the passes that Fortin made were some of the best on target, receiver actually stayed running, that we’ve seen all year. KJ has made some nice passes but most of the time the receiver has to slow down or stop to make the catch. If they could have kept running, it’s 6.

We need a better QB, I’m guessing the coaches know that as well.

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LSU hung 45 on Florida and Ole Miss, and 32 on Alabama. Our defense has been pathetic. In my humble opinion it was not stupid to think we needed touchdowns inside the red zone to have any chance at winning. I might have taken the points but I understand what Sam might have been thinking about trying to keep up with an opponent you could reasonably expect to score in the 30s against us on a bad day.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight it looks like a no-brainer. At the time Sam made the call there was. to me, something to be said for going either way. But I am not paid millions to win football games, so what do I know?


so, when we lose, we’re outcoached… when we win do we outcoach the other team’s coach?


How does a HC correctly evaluate the advantage of keeping a staff intact, against constantly juggling them to get a mix that works. It is hard on the players to make adjustments as coaches rotate in and out. If Sam thinks his staff is top shelf, then they are…or hes not a good judge of coaches. I think he probably is, so hopefully the issues are something else that within this cadre of coaches can be corrected.

Of course! :grinning:

At times. We beat Mo State but still got out coached.

My opinion about going for the TD on 4th after getting nothing on 2nd and 3rd was not made in hindsight. I said it before the ball was snapped

So was my opinion about going for it at midfield.

Even if we had made the plays, I would have thought they were the wrong calls.

I would have kicked the field goal for sure, early in the game and get points while you can. I’m not sure that not agreeing with some of the choices equates to our coach being outcoached, however. Players have to execute and we’re not the most talented team even with our starting QB. Lots of opportunities existed to make better plays based on what, I think, was called but we didn’t.

It’s year 3 after a decade, 10 full years, in the wilderness. We’ve had horrible luck in regard to injuries that have created more challenges than expected. We’re probably 2 plays away from only losing 2 games instead of 5. Is that all coaching or a need for better players or both? We have to recruit better players and I think we are. But I don’t pretend to know as much as the coaching staff we have but that’s our privilege as fans to 2nd guess and complain when we lose :slight_smile:

So, since you think were outcoached most of the time are you suggesting or wanting a coaching change at this point?

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Fire Briles. There’s a lot of good offense coaches out there, just sayin. Could it really hurt our recruiting any worse? Sam is the head recruiter and gonna determine what kind offense we run and how much of an offensive line we have anyways. We should be able to recruit to that. We just need an offense to run and a coach to make sure we aren’t ever unprepared to run it. Did Ricky Stromberg really say we weren’t prepared today?

Yep, and we’ll see if he wants to keep Briles… I suspect he’s gone regardless but time will tell.

When’s the last time an Arkansas team held an SEC team to 13 points? I totally agreed with the not kicking a FG. Why? Because without KJ, I gave Arkansas a 5-10% chance of winning. In SEC play you expect to give up 25-30 points a game. Minimum.

I agree on the 4th down decision when Hornsby lost his footing.


I know I am not smart enough to make that decision. That said, we have completely failed as to QB development. Our oline is not playing worth a crap. Now, LSU had something to do with that today, but we truly sucked on the oline against Liberty

Our offense has cost us 3 games this year.

I was not happy with the Sam hire when made. Was he the only one willing to take the job? Maybe he was. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t rooting hard for him to win.

I did think giving him a new contact after one good year was a huge mistake (can we not learn from past mistakes?). Were we at risk of losing him? I don’t think so.

All that being said, no, I am not calling for Sam to be fired I do think some of the assistants need to go and some lessons learned. (I hate the fact that he is getting on the job training at Arkansas, that is what happens when you hire someone who has never been a head coach). If next year is like this year? Yes, I will be calling for a change.

I remember hearing JFB saying if a coach doesn’t have a program turned around in 3 years, he probably isn’t going to. Next year will be year 4.

Do you realize what you said? You said our defense is pathetic after stopping LSU for 13 points after LSU scored 45 on Florida and Ole Miss and 32 on Alabama. What you really said was WAY TO GO DEFENSE!!! and I agree with you.

I agree that the last two games, including todays, the oline has been underperforming. I would not make a blanket statement that our oline has not played worth a crap.

Missing Wagner today didn’t help but the whole team laid an egg against Liberty, not just the oline.

Fair enough, you weren’t happy with the hire and probably never will be. I hope next year is better, if not then we start over, again. And the new guy will have 3 years, then the next, and the next…

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I would say that I can for sure get happy with the hire.

The proof is in the pudding. We start winning a reasonable amount (for me that is down year having 7 wins, a very good year winning 10, a once in 10 year great year wining 11 or more) I will be thrilled.

To be honest, less than that will most likely work.

Looking like we have looked against MSU, Mo State, Liberty and today and giving away the A&M game? Won’t cut it.

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Considering LSU is way ahead of us in talent (especially with KJ not on the field),
I’d say our coaches out coached LSU.

We just came up short.


We could still win 7 games this season, so whats the problem?

Staff has been mostly intact almost 3 years now. Enough to rebuild the program? No. Sam needs more time. But the DC and OC has been mostly substandard. Lack of fundamentals and player development has been lack. They also recruit. What about the misevaluations there? No depth when injuries pile up? No back up QB ready? That falls on the coordinators as well as Sam. I like Sam. I think he has brought stability and respectability to the program. Can he take us where we want to go with the current coordinators? I think not in my opinion.