Out coached again

Not kicking a field goal in the first half. Going for it on 4th down

Further repeat last weeks post, oline coach is not doing his job.



Take those points early. Stupid to think MH could make that. Stupid… with a HARD headed QB. Not a team player. LAST play for MH…


I don’t see where it would hurt anything to change OL coaches. OL has outmanned very few opponents this year, well, the latter half of the year. We once were gangbusters and national leaders in our rushing program. Wonder what happened?

Im not sure for the game we were outcoached. A couple of bad decisions and one bad spot cost us dearly. They’re also coaching with a hand tied behind their back. Even with missed scoring opportunities I thought they coached good enough to win. Coaches made some questionable calls, but this one was lost in the o line, and an injured QB. I guess we kind of agree.

It’s hard to point a finger at Sanders but he tiptoes along before he takes off… IMO

I still say Sam should have taken that 3 points!

What 4th and what? To much…


I agree, up 6-0 instead of by an FG, that’s a a TD lead.

Does anybody agree that Rocket is to slow at hitting the hole? OR he looks to long, simply leaving himself in position in getting tackled…


I agree, the fourth down calls defy my logic, but the out coached mantra seems a worn out and simplistic complaint. Thought the defensive game plan was solid and generally well executed, we still could tackle better, but basically a well played game defensively. Offensively it is hard to say, since we were playing backups at quarterback. I thought we could have come up with something to limit number 40.


He doesnt have enough hole to hit

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You always take the points early in the game


Same point. It’s not good either way…

This was a game that we probably had no business being in until the end, but as it turned out we were.
If not for several poor decisions made by CSP we may have actually been in position to win this game.
Don’t get me wrong, I like CSP, but he’s never been a head coach at any level prior to this job and he is making decisions he’s never had to make before.
I guess we will all find out if he is truly up to the challenge of being a Head Coach over the next few years. He will be faced with having to let some coaches go that aren’t either recruiting or coaching their players up to expectations. Winning can be hard and brutal personally for some folks because of the the mindset you have to have in order to get to that point and sustain it.
Bowl eligibility will likely be on the line against Missouri and although a six win season isn’t what most fans envisioned for this season, not getting to a bowl will be a setback for the young players who need more practice time as well as the negative impact it can have on recruiting.

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We always know what we should have done. Always. Had we kicked the FG and lost by 3, we’d be hearing how you can’t win kicking FGs and how we shave run it.

We had a decent chance win this game with 95 seconds to go. Against a top 10 team and without our QB, that’s not bad. The loss hurts, but we’re still so far ahead of where we’ve been, I have no gripes about the coaches. One can be disappointed on an outcome and still not think we were outcoached. LSU has better players and they outplayed us


not gonna beech about OC, but the qB coach leaves a lot to be desired in training his kids. IF Fortin steps up then Crawford made a great block to shield 40 harmlessly to the outside. Reading the field is weak for every QB that AR has put on the field this year. Trying to understand if the QB’s have the SEC skills to play at league levels if coached up, cannot tell if the coach can up their game.

Voice of reason as usual….

Reason has no place in FB… :grinning:

Obviously Mike. Just read the posts… :wink:


I feel coach Sam still thinks he is at Georgia where they had the athletes that could ram a football down anyone’s throat for 2 or 3 yards. The Hogs do not have the luxury of the same type athletes or back- ups. So Sad.

That’s why a legend in my own mind, LOL

PS I have never said or thought this. I just thought it was funny, :crazy_face: :