OU's offensive line

Oklahoma is an interesting study. They are in the semifinals of the CFP after firing their defensive coordinator in mid season. If that’s happened before, I don’t know of it.

They are built with some good transfers. Everyone knows about their quarterback, Kyler Murray. He’s a Texas A&M transfer and is also a pro baseball player.

The part of the team that doesn’t get much talk is the offensive line. It’s really good. Look at the depth chart. The center is a redshirt freshman. He is a spectacular player. I don’t know that I expected to see a redshirt freshman play that well.

He was a good prospect, but not rated highly across the board. One service had him a four star and he did pick Oklahoma over Alabama. He was going to be a Sooner after growing up in Shawnee, not far from Norman. One service had him rated as only the 10th-best player in Oklahoma two years ago.

Of course, Murray’s ability to run or pass makes the offense go, but you will be hard pressed to find a better offensive line than this group and it starts with a redshirt freshman.

https://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-d … homa/91556

Lots of talent, coupled with effective coaching. It takes both to keep from racking up holding penalties with a QB that scrambles like Murray does. Probably helps that they have Lamb and Brown drawing so much attention on the outside, but still, that line is something to watch.

all of Oklahoma look like,they are all athletic but very strong which is the big difference between us and them,they also run a lot of counters(favorite play) out of the spread set with no TE which means they only have to block 5-6 guys which is much easier to do…
They recruit very good players and are trained very well…hopefully we will get our OL much stronger and eventually get there.this offseason very important.

There are lots of keys to OU’s offense. They have good backs (and had two really good ones go down) and lots of talent at WR. You don’t just have to be good one place to have an offense like that. Just like Alabama, there are no weak links.

And one heck of an offensive coach.

Si. I suspect OU will make sure he stays around awhile, and hopefully they open up the treasury to bring in a DC to get things going on that side of the ball next year.