Our WRs 2019vs Clemson 2011

Interesting thing to look at. I expect this year we will have 1 true sophomore and 2 true freshman starting at WR. I feel pretty strongly about that, because they are more talented than any of the guys already on the team and chads recruits.
I’m going with Mike Woods, Knox, and Nash.
Clemson 2011- had 1 true sophomore (Deandre Hopkins, and 2 true freshman starting at WR, Martavis Bryant and Sammy Watkins.

Let’s hope our guys turn out to be half as good as those and we should be just fine.

Can’t disagree with Woods and a couple of the frosh getting most of the snaps. Knox physically looks to be ready to do more things in the offense early, and Nash perhaps has a little bit of an edge on the other newcomers simply because of the IMG experience.

I do look for a couple of the holdovers to also be in the rotation, along with probably one other freshman for the top six. You could make a case for any of the other freshmen being in the mix, I think a lot will depend on who has a good summer and who can stay healthy. The big thing is that there is going to be a lot more competition, starting with spring ball, and that will help a lot.

Among the holdovers, I would say Warren is going to have a limited role to go along with return duties, he can do some of the waterbug stuff for change of pace and has some big play potential in the offense.

I will be interested to see how Pettway reacts to the competition. I think the jury is still out on whether Tyson Morris or Kolian Jackson can fit, spring ball will tell us a lot. Jones and Stewart are going to be under a lot of pressure, if they stick around.

I agree with you on Warren.

Not there with Pettway, he’s been given chance after chance and really just doesn’t have it. He’s got the body, that’s about it though.

I’m interested to see Koilan Jackson healthy and what he can do, as well as Jones with another season. I still think these guys coming in will just overwhelm them with their natural ability and size.

Nash is just an absolute Burner, great speed. Lemming said he had 5 star potential just got into a crowded IMG team as expected. His transition will be the easiest of the freshman. I hope Burks heals up fast he could be a factor, TQ too, just figure he will need a redshirt year to pack on some weight.

we now have plenty of playmakers to fully execute this offense,just need an OL that can protect and establish the run and and a QB that can read defenses and make the essential throws and take advantage of the deep ball when it presents itself,we do that and this offense will be lethal.

I’m not sold on Pettway either, I’m just interested to see if he will raise his game to stay in the mix. He does have the talent to be in the mix, he’s just has not performed. He’s not going to get the chance to play by default any more. He’s either going to step up and be consistently productive or he’s going to be watching.

I am also really curious about what they do with Burks, assuming his knee is going to be good enough to play in 2019.