Our win against OU

Is looking better and better. OU Up 40-32 on #3

Totally was thinking the same thing. OU looks like the best team in the Big 12

That neutral court W is going to be a huge win on the resume.

OU 65. Wichita State 50 with 14:02 remaining. This will help our RPI.
The Hogs are a good team and should get at least a 5 seed in the Dance or higher.
Wichita State is our rated!

Just about to post the same. OU looking very impressive against the Shockers. We need OU to win this game! WPS!

Live-rpi.com shows that the win will push Paperclip up from 31st in RPI to 20th, and Wichita will fall from 12th to 22nd. It does not affect our placement; one opponent, even one you beat, doesn’t carry that much weight. But it sure doesn’t hurt. More to the point, that’s a win that the committee can look at in March and say, “Arkansas beat a damn good team out in Portland”.

Going off on a tangent: Live-rpi.com is part of the same site as RPIforecast.com, which includes predictions of our eventual RPI and regular season record, based on who we have left to play and where. They now predict our final RPI will be around 22, with the most probable record of 23-8 (20.5% chance). That would likely mean 12-6 in the SEC. That would be a good starting point. But 24-7 is almost as likely (17.5%) and even 25-6 has better than a 10% chance. And at 25-6 our RPI will be a lot better than 22nd.

For the 1st time in my life I rooted for (spit) OU today.

I feel dirty. :shock:

And how are the Shockers ranked third to begin with?

If you look at the Wizard it only shows three games that we aren’t above 50% chance of winning. Funny thing is, one of those below 50% games if you play with the Wizard, shows us as winning. If we can win all the above 50% games we will only have 5 losses, but at the same time it shows OU being under 50% in 12 games. One was Wichita St today.

I think OU is vastly underrated and I think, like you, our win is gonna carry some weight come selection Sunday.

Wizard plugs in losses in games you shouldn’t lose. Which makes sense. Somebody has to be the best team in the country, but nobody has gone undefeated for an entire season since 1976. So you’re gonna lose games that talent says you shouldn’t.

As you noted, the raw numbers say we should only lose three games the rest of the way: At Florida, at A&M, at Misery. The next two closest win percentages are at Bama and A&M at home. But if you label both those games as Arkansas wins, it still only predicts 24-7. Make at Auburn a win too? Still 24-7. Misery at home? Still 24-7.