Our two seniors, Adrio and Jimmy

As this season goes on, I just can’t say enough about these two young men. From how well they’ve played to what incredible guys they seem to be.

You can tell Muss loves working with both of them. They’ve completely bought in despite having years of coaching from other people and other styles. The transition couldn’t have been easy. The leadership they’ve provided to their younger teammates has to have helped.

They also just seem to be great kids. So polite, respectful, great attitudes, etc. Jimmy seems a little on the shy side but just a genuine young man. Adrio is constantly used by Muss and the social media team on the Twitter feeds and he is great at it. What great representatives for the school and the state these two are.

So excited about the future of Razorback basketball with Muss and where he is going. I think we will look back fondly at these two seniors as having laid the foundation for years of good basketball to come. Going to really miss those two guys when they are gone.

Especially Whitt. In a short period of time, he has embraced the program, Coach, new system and earned respect of the fans. Yes he was here before, but still. Very impressive.

We have kids of good character, work ethic and talent on this team and Whitt has fit in.

The fact that Whitt was Adrio’s host on his OV is also ironic.

With Gafford out of the way and our lack of size, I think Adrio is just thrilled to have the opportunity to play his natural position that he played in high school. Guarding the rim was his thing in high school. He looks so comfortable on the court.

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