Our ticket office is a disaster

Despite reserving tickets in April for the postseason, and getting confirmation e-mail to that effect, I have received no further correspondence from them and no tickets.

I called at 8:30 this AM, opening time.
Message said that we’re four callers in front of me.
I stayed on hold for 50 minutes, at which time the phone actually rang, only to be followed by a message that there was a “system failure”, and I should call back later.

Needless to say I am beyond irate. I cannot leave work to drive down there.


I got email that allowed me to print tickets at home. You might check your inbox!

I have been checking it repeatedly

It’s my understanding they have had some problem with Cox customers.

My account shows the tickets and where they are located but I’ve yet to receive an email with the actual pdf of the tickets.

Finally got through after two hours and fifteen minutes on the phone
I was carrying phone with me into exam rooms with the repeating recording going on the speaker

Said my credit card didn’t go through
(Which makes no sense at all)
But they said they would have reached out to me eventually. Which I was glad to hear, but didn’t absolve all the frustration.

But still don’t actually have tickets in hand
No email with them as yet

I should probably stay out of this - I have no facts or specific information. However, I can say that on the couple of times I’ve had “credit card didn’t go through” situations, it was because I had a card on file for a long time with a vendor that I didn’t use too frequently. The card reached its expiration date so a new one was issued to replace it, but I hadn’t updated the card info on the website in question (in some cases, it might only be the expiration date that needs to be updated). Might check to see if your payment info is up to date on the U of A ticket website.

Just a suggestion.

No that wasn’t it, because when I placed the order I updated the card information.

We haven’t seen the ticket email, but I did see my card had been charged last night. I called (took about 50 minutes on hold) and they said they had had some problems. She added me to the “list” of those that had called and said they hadn’t received an email. She said she would give her boss the info right after we got off the phone and he would resend the email. That was about noon and nothing yet. She said that if I didn’t get the email by in the morning to call back and they would print them and I could get them at ‘will call’.
So if you haven’t seen the email yet – CALL!

I had received my confirmation email, so I waited. I had to go to Neosho and Anderson today to pick up flowers from the cemeteries. When I got home, there was an email with my tickets.