Our Texas recruiting over the last ten or so years

So people are hammering that we need to improve our Texas recruiting. Has if actually gotten worse post Houston Nutt than previously?

Bret signed 15 Texas players in 5 years.

That’s about as bad as it gets

…and the reason why we put TT, TCU and A&M on the schedule was for Texas recruiting. After A&M joined the SEC, we continued playing in Dallas for the Texas recruiting exposure. The Aggies wanted home and home. As much as I like BB, he didn’t use our scheduling to our advantage.

Morris and Venables are my favorites because they have both been at Clemson and both have recruited Texas. I lean towards Morris for his Texas recruiting connections that are the result of him being a Texas HS Football coaching legend.
Kiffin can probably recruit DFW and Houston but I doubt he will be as good in east Texas.

Norvell recruited Texas at Az State

I like Norvell and would be happy with him.