Our special teams show how shallow our SEC talent really is..........................

…since those teams, on both sides, are usually the second and third team linebacker and defensive backs with a sprinkling of starters where desperately needed. The fact is that many of our starters are far below the talent level of most in the SEC at their position and their subs are even further below the subs from the other team that they are trying to block, tackle, or get out of blocks against. This mostly means we are a lot slower than they are and Auburn exploited that very well yesterday.

Now for the good news. With the return of Greenlaw and Ramsey and improving play from several other players, the defense competed well against a very good offense. The 4 man rush put a lot of pressure on Auburn’s QB. The secondary covered a very good bunch of receivers pretty well. The defense tackled well as a whole.

Storey mostly did not throw into double coverage. When he did not have time or his receivers failed to get open, he tucked and ran, mostly avoiding the bad play. He had several throws, one fairly deep, that were on the money and should have been caught. He played much better than he did two games ago. If he can survive the pounding, he may be OK at QB. Boyd and Whaley ran hard. Except for Hammonds panicking when he had two blitzers coming at him and blocking neither, there were fewer “look out” blocks. The offense’s problem was Auburn could blitz multiple guys on every down with impunity because none of our receivers were beating their single Auburn defender enough to get open, thus creating little time for them to receive a pass, because Storey was quickly running for his life on play after play. How do you fix that? You get better play from both your blockers and receivers so you can make them pay for gambling so much so they will back it off.

We saw progress at Auburn. Now lets hope for as much progress as that against our next opponent.

I don’t think it was Hammonds that didn’t pick up the blitz because he is injured. The WR’s are a REAL BAD problem AGAIN for our offense just like last year. Pettway, Woods, and Harrell are the only ones that can fight through SEC press coverage. Jordan jones is fast but weak. Most of the guys that came back from last year are mostly the weak and/or small guys with very little speed.

It was #23 with dred locks over the name and assumed it was Hammonds. Was that Maleek?

Yep that is Maleek

TJ didn’t make the trip so he didn’t miss any blocks.

But pass protection is not his strong suit.

Hammonds is #6

Hammonds has been #6 his whole career. Including his sprints down the sideline saving our bacon against Coastal last year.
Hammond’s stayed in Bret’s semi-doghouse. He seems like a good kid…but obviously doesn’t like to pass block…

I commented on Williams’ missed block that it may be the reason he doesn’t get into the game as much as we anticipated he would. You have to be able to protect the passer as a back. He was indecisive on who to block and by the time he made the decision, Smoke Monday had the angle to go right past him.

Hammonds did not make the trip to Auburn. He has a thigh injury.

I rushed to judgement when I saw the back fail to block either of the blitzing defenders as they went by him. I assumed it was Hammonds because of past pass blocking problems. How can a big physical player like Maleek whimp out on defending his QB? Ty dodged one of them but couldn’t the other. Would have been nice if he had been blocked.