Our side of the CWS bracket is LOADED

This is clearly the “SEC West” to the other side’s SEC East, in football terms.

Florida is the defending champion, and Tech has been Top 10 (if not Top 5) all season. Texas is the late-comer, but with their tradition and the hot streak they are on, they are formidable.

On the other side of the bracket, Oregon State is the only team I’d really be concerned with. Yes, NO teams that make it to Omaha can be taken lightly. But I truly believe that whoever makes it our of our side will win the whole thing.

Oregon State probably comes in as the favorite, the way they have steamrolled through the postseason. That and the child molester on the mound.

I think MooU can give Oregon State and run for their money. I think MooU can will win their first game and make Oregon State work for it!
I do agree our side is loaded. The hogs have beaten every team on our side of the bracket so that gives me some hope. I’m just hoping our pitching holds up.
Florida will have their hands full with Texas Tech.
The Hogs just need to beat Texas. One game that really matters. Win that one and get it going. We will need to hit a lot of line drives. Long fly balls could be lazy out!

Keep in mind, we have a 5-2 record against our side of the bracket (1-0 over Tech, 2-0 over Texas and 2-2 with Florida).

I thought about that last night. Not sure what the rest of the CWS filed’s record against everyone else in Omaha is, but ours may be the best.

And that’s fine; but it’s what matters in Omaha that really matters. Hope we can dispatch with the Horns Sunday and go on from there. The first game is always a major step toward the title, regardless of who you’re playing. I just hope our kids don’t get flooded with too much anti-Texas pressure from my generation. Although, playing them in Fayetteville earlier this year should help with that - they’ve already experienced the Texas emotion from our fans.

I think that the other side looks weaker just because Washington is sitting over there. At one point last night the announcers talked about some teams being just glad to get to Omaha and some teams being there to win it. Washington is in the glad to be there category until proven otherwise.

I suppose MSU might fit in that category as well, considering how much they’ve had to overcome to get to Omaha. But I think the rigors of SEC conference play sharpens teams enough to make anyone from our conference a real threat to win the CWS.