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I was asked me to speak at a Rotary Club meeting last night in Rogers. It gave me an opportunity to tell them about everything we do here at WholeHogSports/Hawgs Illustrated.

It also made me think that there might be some here who don’t know all of the products we provide, so I want to make a short post with some of the highlights:

• On the front page of our website we have several articles daily on the Razorbacks, as well as content as warranted on other SEC teams. It has been my experience that some of our message board posters might not venture to the front page often. I would encourage you to do so.

Hawgs Illustrated is our magazine that prints 20 times annually, including weekly during football season. Home delivery is available and you can also access the magazine through our e-edition. If you have any questions about the magazine, I would encourage you to call 1-800-757-6277.

• We have a video-on-demand app that is available via your smart phones or streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon FireTV and Apple TV. You can find this by searching “WholeHogSports” in those stores. You can also find most of our videos on our YouTube page.

• We regularly produce football, basketball and baseball podcasts, including at least once per week during the season. You can find those in Apple podcasts or on Spotify by searching “Whole Hog Radio” and depending on how you have your device set up, you can usually play those through your Google Home or Alexa by telling your device to “play Whole Hog Radio.”

• We recently launched the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club in Fayetteville. We intend to meet regularly throughout the year with invited speakers. If you are interested in attending those meetings, you can find ticket information at this link: NWA DealPiggy | Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club

• Finally, I would encourage you to follow our social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The username for all three pages is @wholehogsports.


Dang, we are busy! I have enjoyed getting the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club started. It’s going to grow and be a really neat product, so to speak. It will feature other sports and there is a special event coming in the spring that I’m proud we will sponsor. Don’t want to give away too much just yet.

Matt is in the middle of all this stuff. I am proud of what he does for all of our products, plus take care of a family of three in a great way.

We have a great team with Scottie, Dudley and Richard.

These are the type of things that I envisioned long ago when I sold to the newspaper, what was then Stephens Media. What we have at Whole Hog Sports is unbelievable really. I think sometimes people think what we do is just one thing – like a magazine, or a message board or just a front page with stories – and don’t take advantage of all of our products.


Didn’t know about the App…just downloaded it to roku and watching now thanks

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Really appreciate all y’all do for us. There was a time a long time ago I had to call Rick Shaffer to get the info on the hogs LOL.

Clay I’m looking forward to the event. I remember Friday night lights and got to meet a few members. Hoping you’ll do something where we can all get together.

I had not been aware of the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club until I got a text from one of our regulars from the old Touchdown Club wanting to know if I was attending the next day. (This was last week.) He had sponsored a table and included all of us who sat at “The Table” for the old NWATD club.

I wonder if Hunter Yurachek will take questions today? Hmm.

Three guesses what your question will be. The first two don’t count. :wink:

You might be surprised, although not about the subject.

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Yes, he will.

So, what were the questions to HY, and better yet, what were his answers?

I asked him if Arkansas was going to implement the LSU rule that force the crowd to only sit where their ticket designates or would we be allowed to sit in those empty seats behind the plate. He blanched a little and said something to the effect that he thought this would be all about football. Then he said that it was too soon to answer that question.

Then he trotted out the claim that no one was losing their seats. I wish that I had followed up with yes, we are losing our seats, just not our tickets.

Hunter should have been one of the folks from the ticket office calling fans about baseball ticket renewals. I don’t think he gets it … yet

Lol, he understands completely what it’s going to take to be competitive in the SEC, hopefully our fans do to.

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