Our seed . . . not that it matters that much to me . . .

. . . so long as we’re a top 8 “National” seed, I’m good . . . but I wouldn’t be surprised to see us end up anywhere from 6 to 8 (as opposed to 4 or 5, where most national websites were predicting us a couple of days ago) when they are announced on Monday.

One reason for that is our Q1 record (vs. top 50 of RPI) took a hit the last week of the season with Kentucky, Texas and La. Tech all falling below that mark. That took our cumulative 5-3 record against those three into Q2 and “only” left us with a 19-11 Q1 record. That is impressive, but having 10 more wins than your Q1 opponents put us in elite territory with only 4 other teems (Vandy, UCLA, MSU and Georgia). That, along with our mini-slide the last 2 weeks (vs. A&M and at the SEC Tournament) and RPI dropping to 6 or 7 (depending on what the official rankings show - we are in a virtual tie for 6th with Oklahoma State right now) and I can see us dropping a slot or two.

But - again - if we’re Top 8 then we still control our own destiny.

The official RPI on the NCAA website through yesterday’s games (and thus what the committee had to work with last night/this morning) was #6. East Carolina, though, is #5 and I have not seen anyone projecting them as a national seed, and they didn’t make their conference tournament final either.

D1 Baseball has had us as the 5 seed for a while now and that makes the most sense to me. They have Okie Lite as the 8 seed and ECU as the 10. Louisville dropped out of the top 8 after its crash and burn in the ACC tournament.

We weren’t in the top 4, probably no better than 6th.

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The SEC will have all of it’s topnseeded teams on the same side of the bracket in Omaha, my guess.

Missed that, but paired us with OM, lol.

Actually no

UCLA, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Georgia one side

Vandy, Louisville, Ga Tech, MSU other side

If all the seeds made it, which they never do

Actually I said I was wrong on my guess…

Yeah I see now
Missed the second post
My bad