Our secondary…

Has been our weAl spot all year. Anyone can see that. But remember we’re playing without our two best secondary players due to injury. And we lost two starters to the portal in the off season.

Bad play for sure and worse luck.

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Been a weak spot for several years. Guys like Petrino will expose you. Kiffin will do the same. We do have better athletes back there now. Losing a couple studs hurts big time. They will get better.

Blair and Johnson need to sit. Play the young ones. Blair is slow as molasses and Johnson can’t cover and is horrible in open field tackling

We need Slush back. Bad. I thought Blair had a decent game.

A QB than can move will expose a secondary because even NFL teams can’t cover people for 8-10 seconds.

Looks like we’ll get Max Johnson next week at JW. We’ve seen and beaten him at Baton Rouge last year.

When do we get Slush back?

Someone posted last week that pass defense is a chronic vulnerability for most college teams. I believe that. We are just especially vulnerable.

Coaches love Blair’s leadership qualities and intelligence - with Cat out closest thing they have to a “ coach on the field” in the secondary. That said, he is limited physically.

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Slush is in concussion protocol. Pittman seemed to believe he would be available yesterday. But he obviously was not. Can’t imagine he won’t be available next week. Of course, I am not a neurologist.

Sat with a former HS defensive coordinator last night. He helped point out the DL play in the last third of the game, that the adjustment to not charge too far upfield changed their success.

He also noted that Clark by far was our best DB. He thought Blair had a nose for being in the right spot all the time. He was critical of Jayden Johnson’s inability to tackle and limit gains, that he was much like Bumper - too willing to take a risk to make a huge play, rather than making a decent play and limiting big yardage.

McGlothern left the field and that concerns me. Injury?

Khari Johnson played well last night.

We played quite a few plays middle of the game with 3 LBs, with Pooh Paul being a spy on the qb, maybe. Interesting look.

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That’s good insight. Thank you. Bumper needs to play better. I wonder if he’s overly straining to make big/impactful plays, given the fact number 42 is, frankly, dominating out there. Drew Sanders is a stud.

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Good question.

The DC friend said to play Paul more, that he is faster than Pool, although Pool is the overall better player. He wasn’t dogging on Bumper, just noting his weakness.

To your question, I think Bumper is actually having to do MORE with Sanders being flexed all over the field. Instead of the two of them being a tandem that shut down things between the hashes now Bumper may be having to do that all on his own.

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