Our SEC brethren are having a very bad day

Things have gone so badly that I am almost rooting for the rebellious ones and the reptiles to win their must wins. Almost. Not quite there yet.

With Georgia choking at home and the meltdown in Oxford by Ole Miss it really doesn’t matter!
Florida has walked the bases loaded with 1 out!
Moo U has the only SEC win today!
Georgia 0-2
Ole Miss 0-2
Florida 0-1 so far and behind to FAU 2-0 in the top of the first.
Not a banner day!

Not unhappy with the Rebs and Gators choking at all… I would rather play someone else in Omaha and not even have a chance of losing to them. It doesn’t help the Hogs when another SEC team wins a NC when it comes to recruiting.

I don’t think it really matters. We don’t recruit the same people Florida does, or really LSU either. It’s different from football or hoops. Cronin is our only Floridian and I don’t think UF wanted him.