our schedule

is absolutely about to get brutal soon. besides missouri, we get some of the sec’s best. texas, oral roberts, missouri state, are very tough mid week games. don’t know that much about the team we play this midweek.

Agree except we should beat Oral Roberts. They are very young and have inexperienced arms. However, midweek games are tossups because you never know how the pitching shakes out when you are saving your best pitchers for conference games on the weekend.

Missouri state is off to a terrible start they have been pounded two or three times. Oral Roberts will always be good and will play us tough… the team to be concerned about is Louisiana tech who can really hit the ball well will be a challenge for pitching staff and for our team.

Our young arms with little experience are about to get a realty check in the mid-week games and should only help down the road…

Speaking of schedule, I was navigating around on the RPI site a little while ago (we are #40 at present, which is still too early to mean much), I glanced at Texas’ upcoming schedule.

Of course, they are finishing the series with LSU this afternoon (after - surprisingly - having won the first two games of that series). In the next 2-3 weeks, this is what they have coming up:

  • >a 4 game series @ Stanford.

    >Hosting Texas Tech for a 3 game series

    >Hosting Us (Arkansas) for 2 games

    >Play a 3 game series @ TCU

Things are getting real for the Horns.

A large part of me hopes they lose every single one of them. But my head tells me it would be good for US if they won them all except for the two against us, of course.

The schedule is meant to get the team ready for SEC and it should do that.

Texas is going to be a real test. Sweeping LSU, even though it was at home and early in the season, is no small task.

They are scoring some runs, 9-2 W-L, and really like playing teams from Arkansas…so far :sunglasses:

LSU pitches walked 22 hitters and hit 2 more.
In game 3 today they a lead going into the bottom of the 9th and fell apart. LSU can be beaten. After all the series this season is on the hill and not in the box where no telling what those fans might turn loose.
Sooner or later I hope they tear that place down.

Actually, they tore down the old Box and built a new one several years ago. Unfortunately, for LSU fans, it mostly resembles the old Box, same old aluminum bleachers down the lines. The bullpens are still in the field of play. Relievers have to warm up just outside the foul lines and they have to have a fielder to protect them from batted balls. As I recall, they spent $35 million. What an absolute piece of crap for that price tag. Compare that with Baum Walker stadium and we are truely blessed.

Alex Box is big. That’s about the only thing you can say about it that is good.

A coach told me once he could have done a heck of a lot more with $36 million. Basically, the old Alex Box became too run down so they rebuilt it with some suites and a better press box.